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Rocket Surgery

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On Saturday J and I ventured out to inspect baby gear.  Specifically we were focused on strollers.  In preparation, we had done the cursory read through the strollers section of the Baby Bargains book.  Then we headed to Babies R’ Us.  As we were walking through the parking lot we spotted someone pushing a stroller that we knew we were interested in, but also knew that they didn’t carry it at BRU.  Being the uninhibited people that we are we stalked the lady down and then cornered her and asked how she liked the stroller, she gave it a glowing review, but due to the fact that her baby was in the stroller she didn’t do a full folding and unfolding demonstration, she did tell us that they have the stroller at Bellini on Roswell Road.  After a brief Q and A session, we went to the stroller section and decided to look at some of the other strollers that are featured in the book.  Model-67109_LargeWe spent the next hour attempting to fold and unfold strollers.  The conversation between us went something like this.  “This isn’t rocket surgery, it shouldn’t be that hard”.  “Don’t they have red tabs, or something that says ‘Pull Here’”.  “Are you sure they should allow us to have a child, we can’t even open a stroller”.  We finally gave in and asked an employee for help, he was able to quickly and easily demonstrate how to open and close a stroller for us.  Feeling less confident in our intellect and parenting abilities we went to CPK to get some nutrition.   After a few other stops we arrived at Bellini and the owner of the store did a quick demonstration of the Baby Jogger City Mini features.  We asked the most important, how do you fold it up.  He grabbed a handle in the seat of the stroller, lifted up, and without any effort it folded in half.  At that moment I heard J’s wallet creak open, he was sold.  He was even more impressed when he saw the sporty diaper bag attachment and “refreshment” cooler.  We left the store without a stroller but at least confident about which one we would like to get and also assured that we would be able to open and close it without receiving a PhD in mechanical engineering.

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Marvelous Mama

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For my entire life I have hated wearing dresses. I don’t know the reason for this aversion, but I’ve never really been comfortable in them. So the fact that lately I’ve really enjoyed wearing dresses has been a huge pregnancy surprise. I think there is one main factor that goes into the equation that equals me enjoying wearing a dress. It is wearing Marvelous Mama Pantyhose by ASSETS. I know you are thinking “what, you enjoy wearing pantyhose?” They are a SPANX product sold at Target. They function as pantyhose, but with a little extra support in the tummy and bottom area. I know it will sound crazy, but I feel so comfortable wearing them. The founder of SPANX, Atlanta’s own, Sarah Blakely is a genius. These hose are comfy, supportive, and durable.  Sarah Blakely if you are out there, I love these hose, if it was socially acceptable they would be the only thing I wear each day. On a side note, I’ve found that it is getting more and more difficult to reach my feet; I’m predicting that there will be a blog in the future featuring me attempting to get into my hose.  J finds this quite humorous, and usually takes time to laugh at me before helping.

marvelous mama

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Kicking & Moving

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As I mentioned in my post about my visit to San Diego, I felt my first kick during the concert at my dad’s house. Due to a bunch of scientific stuff (placement of placenta), I never felt any early movements, no “fluttering” or “quickening” as it is typically called. The first movement I felt was a full on feel-from-the-outside-kick. For the past week when the baby sporadically moves I stop what I’m doing an d put J’s hand on my belly to feel the movement but the baby always stops moving until he takes his hand away.


Yesterday afternoon I found Baby OJ on the right side of my belly and I pushed it just enough s/he kicked in response. It is hard to believe that the little baby,only the size of a mango inside of me can be pestered and then move in response. Fast forward few hours, J and I are sitting on the couch looking at swatches of potential baby bedding and looking at strollers on-line. When I really felt Baby OJ start moving up a storm, so I put J’s hand on my belly and then continued to look at the fabrics, I think s/he knows when we are waiting for her/him to perform, so we had to pretend that we weren’t waiting for some moving and shaking. That is when a fire storm of kicking and moving started. I’ve never in my life seen such a big smile on J’s face. At that moment he was such a proud daddy.

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A stitch in Time

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Anyone who has sat next to me on a couch or airplane since January 16th knows that I’m in the middle of a big knitting project. In preparation of Baby OJ I’m knitting a baby blanket. Before you assume that I took up knitting due to an overwhelming “nesting” or “mothering” instinct, I should let you know that I’ve been knitting for a few years now. All but one, of my pervious projects have been scarves. It is my winter/football season hobby. When I find myself on the couch watching hours of college or professional football with J, I feel so unproductive, but give me a ball of yarn and two sticks and I can sit there for an entire day without pondering my laziness. I have taken this opportunity to learn a few new skills. I’ve learned how to read a knitting pattern (or as I like to call them recipes) and how to “pick-up stitches”. Also, I found a great knitting shop in the Virginia-Highlands (Knitch); they have awesome yarn and the ladies that work there are super helpful. At this point I’m about 15 hours into the blanket and I think I’m about 1/3 of the way finished. Now, that I’m into my 4th of 10 blocks I find myself totally addicted, every time I walk by my couch I think “I’ll sit down and just knit one row”, but invariably one row turns into 5 and suddenly 30 minutes is gone. I find knitting to be very cathartic and meditative, it is so easy to lose yourself in the stitches and let your mind completely relax. One of the thoughts I find myself constantly going back to is a little scene in my head about 1 year from now. J, Baby OJ and I will be on the couch, I’ll be wrapped in the blanket that my mom knitted me last year for Christmas, J will be wrapped in the wearable faux-fur lined blanket and our little baby OJ will be wrapped in their blanket, knitted by me. It is a really happy scene.

O & Baby Blanket

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Date Night

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O and I have received some sage advise from a few of or friends that have recently had children in the past year or so.  Overwhelmingly everyone has said “go out on dates with each other, especially go to movies”. Since when  you get to have the opportunity for date night post baby the last thing you want to do is sit in theater side by side being quite.  Pretty good advise and we have tried to make to opportunity to get out a get a good meal and catch a movie.  Last night we had the pleasure of eating at DBA bar-b-que in the Highlands.  Great atmosphere and really good bbq.  I my humble opinion I believe the appetizer was the best portion of the meal.  What could possible be better that pulled pork and Carolina style ribs??  Well if you can imagine fried pickles and the clincher… battered and fried bacon, as if you could make bacon any better!!! I felt so bad about eating the next day I scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist and both of went to the gym and will be fasting today. If you ever have a hankering for fried bacon I highly recommend it and suggest a solid work out the next day to deal with the guilt.


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Lotions and Potions

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As many of you know I had the joy of seeing my mom pregnant with two of my younger sisters when I was 10 and 20 years old.  I still vividly remember at age 10 watching my mom lay on her back and observing the flip-flops that Stephanie did inside.  I was old enough to appreciate not only the addition to the family, but all the impact that pregnancy had on my mom. From watching her I learned that skin is just not meant to stretch and grow at the rates required during pregnancy. That being said, from the moment I found out I was pregnant I began lathering a variety of lotions and potions on all of the skins that would be required to grow and stretch over the coming months.  Though I don’t believe I can prevent stretch marks I still believe I should give my skin as much help as possible to grow gracefully. 


For those of you who are planning to have your first or maybe even those of you working your second, below is a run down on the different potions that I’ve tried and my impression of them.


palmersl'occitanemama mio

Palmer’s – Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks:  This is the first lotion that I bought, it is inexpensive, but I don’t like the scent and was pleased when I finally finished the bottle.


L’Occitane – Mom & Baby Balm:  I purchased a 1.7 oz version of this in the A terminal at the airport, knowing how much I’ve been growing lately, I knew I couldn’t go a whole weekend without something to lube up stomach.  This product is very greasy, but instantly relieves an itchy stomach and has no scent what so ever.


mama mio – Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter:  This is by far my favorite, it is the most expensive of the 3, but it isn’t too greasy and has a great orange scent, I look forward to lubing 2 times a day.

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Home Again….

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On the flight there my dreams of an isle seat were dashed, but luckily the man sitting next to me was a father of 3 and familiar with the repetitive bathroom trips that come with pregnancy.  Despite being unwilling to give me his seat, he was very gracious about allowing me to get up as many times as necessary.


Besides seeing my dad, step-mother and numerous sisters and brothers while in town, I also had the great luck to see my cousin (Jill) and her husband (Will).  Jill is like a sister to me, and being only 6 months apart in age, she is one of the few people I’ve known my entire life.  She and Will live in Santa Cruz but had flown down to San Diego for the weekend to attend the Chargers football game.  Both of our schedules were pretty busy but we managed to squeeze in a Sunday breakfast visit.  I really enjoyed getting to catch-up with her in person, and I think she enjoyed seeing my new rounder shape.  In the picture below I had just eaten a burrito that was bigger than my head which instantly enlarged the size of my stomach.


O & her cousin

The rest of Sunday and Monday was spent preparing for the big Concert on Monday night.  My dad is the a Rockstar, and when he married Kathy (an expert caterer), it was a match made in heaven.  Us kids (significant others included) fall into the roles of Roadies and catering support staff.  It was obvious this concert wasn’t the first major event to be through at this house, everyone worked together flawlessly.  Despite the bad weather the concert went off without a hitch.  This was Baby OJ’s 3rd concert and as predicted, this baby loves live music as much as we do, I’m fairly certain I felt my first kick during the show! 


Below are some pictures from the weekend.  The picture of Tucker (the dog) does not do him justice, he weighs at least 100 lbs.


Tucker Janel (sister)

O & her dadband performingJamie (sister) & Adam (her husband) Jerie (sister)


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Oh so Lonely…

Posted on January 18, 2010. Filed under: decor, Pregnancy |

While O is out of town In San Diego visiting family and friends I’ve been left here at the home all by my lonesome.  This is my first endeavor into the blogosphere so pardon me if its not horribly exciting.  I have enjoyed the weekend but can’t wait for her return.  This past Saturday she and I went to Georgia Baby in Norcross to purchase new baby furniture.  After long deliberation and cross referencing Baby Bargains we made our decision.  We decided on the Ocean model by Baby’s Dream in glacier white since we have made the decision not find out the sex of the baby and wanted to keep it neutral.  This crib converts into a toddler bed and then into a twin bed, while most conversions convert into a full sized bed. The best feature is that it has a drop gate that will allow O to actually reach in and retrieve the baby.   As most of us know if there is one thing O has never been described as and that would be tall.  We felt that this would be the best option given the size restraints of our little house.  Check out the photo of O posing with our new purchase.


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Off to San Diego

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Me and Baby OJ are heading to San Diego tonight to visit family.  We are going to miss J so much! 

I love how easy it is to pack during pregnancy, I only have one pair of jeans and 3 casual shirts that fit.  Considering that I’ll be gone for 3 days, I packed my 3 shirts and called it good.  No decision making!!!

The biggest stress I have at this point is the fact that I’m sitting in a middle seat.  Hopefully, someone will feel bad for the pregnant chick that has to go to the bathroom every half hour and give me their isle seat. 

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Belly Shots

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With the same scientific vigor and focus that J and I used for picking out our cupcakes for our reception, we are documenting  my changing shape.  For us this is a scientific experiment, on how a body morphs to accommodate the growth of another living being.  Using the basic scientific knowledge we gained in high school and college we knew in order to really capture what is changing it is important to keep as many constants as possible.  That is why we have chosen to take all of the pictures wearing the same outfit and in the same location.  As you can see the outfit I’ve chosen is a gym outfit, so please excuse an booby sweat that may appear in these pictures, we typically take the photos after a trip to the gym.  Everyone will be happy to know that when I go to the gym I wear a shirt over the top of my sports bra so no one at the gym is forced to see my growing belly.

 5 Weeks9 Weeks 11 Weeks 4 days - B 14 Weeks16 Weeks 18 Weeks A 


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