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Painting the Womb (Room)….

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Starting last Sunday and working most nights after work last week we painted the Nursery.  Just as a reminder this is what the room looked like to start with.

 Nursery Before 1Nursery Before 2 

As we mentioned in a previous blog we choose to go with a Non-Toxic 2010 029low VOC paint.  As some of you may know we have a fair amount experience with painting.  When we moved into our house just over a year ago we painted both bedrooms, the bathroom and the living room.  When choosing to use low VOC paint we were purchasing it in order to avoid having a small house full of fumes with a pregnant women around, we weren’t expecting it to have the same performance of the “normal” products we have used in the past.  We have to say we were really impressed with the performance of this product.  The primer was awesome and it covered the yellow room in one coat.  Once we got to the painting portion we only needed to do two coats of each paint which was much better than our experience with Behr paint.  The paint was thick, coated well, and it was nice not to have to have windows open on a cold February day.  Also we were really impressed that they are able to color match Mythic paint to any other paint.  We chose our paint colors at Home Depot but then Mythic did a perfect color match.


The next two shots show J doing some of the “heavy lifting” trimming the ceiling then painting the ceiling and then trimming out the wall and rolling the walls. 

2010 032  2010 037 

While the painting was in progress we both had our second thoughts about our choice.  Neither of us are designers by trade so the decision to paint the ceiling green and the walls blue seemed nice in theory but we weren’t sure if would actually look good when it was done.  We are please to tell everyone we are really  happy with the final product and we are sure that Baby OJ is going to love it too.

2010 045 2010 044

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fun on the family farm

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This week we made our way down to Colquitt Georgia.  Colquitt is the hometown of our friend John.  One of O’s best friends Tara is marrying John this April.  The purpose of the visit was for Tara’s future mother-in-law and the local women to throw her a bridal shower.  O went along to provide moral support for Tara and also as an opportunity to make her dreams come true and jump into one of O’s favorite movies, Steel Magnolias and she was not disappointed.  While O was at the party with Tara.  J was hanging out with the men of the  family and exploring the grounds and learning more about animal husbandry and crop rotation than he even expected to learn.  We were treated with some sage marriage advice from the preacher that will marry the future Tara and John.  “ You can be right, or you can be happy, but you can’t be both”.  Wise, wise, words.  That night Johns mother treated to a delicious home cooked meal of creamed corn, butter beans, twice baked potatoes and grilled tenderloin.  It was delicious!  Sunday we went to Colquitt First Baptist Church and then had Southern buffet lunch at the Tarrer Inn.  If there is one this O loves, its down home cooking.  O is fairly certain she gain four pounds just in butter weight.  The pictures below are all from this weekend.  

2010 001The tubbiest dog ever….O says she feels like how this dog looks.

2010 004

O and Tara!

2010 005O and J

2010 009A picturesque photo on farm.

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A. Joy

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For those of that may not know J’s brother, Big Al and his wife E work in the ministry in South Florida and are also wonderful foster parents to 2 beautiful girls.  For the last year they have been in the process of adopting one of their foster children.  It is a joy for us to announce the most recent addition to our family.  Big Al and E officially adopted A. Joy on February 16th, 2010.  The whole family is ecstatic about A. Joy officially joining the clan.  Baby OJ is very excited about his/her cousin; s/he has been kicking for joy all week long in celebration.  We know that many people have been praying long and hard that God’s will would be done.  We so excited for Big Al, E and the new permanent addition to the family!

This picture was taken last March when we were first introduced to A. Joy.  Now she is just about 1 1/2 old, but just as precious as the first day we met her.

 J & A. Joy

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When life gives you Lemons…

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You make lemonade, and when the atmosphere give you four inches of snow, you do home projects!!!  This Friday we got a considerable amount of snow (by Atlanta standards) so we found ourselves at home on Saturday morning and unable to what we originally planned to do (go to the dump).  Once J finally realized that the dump wasn’t going to open (after about 4 phone calls) we started cleaning and doing chores around the house.  When it finally looked like the snow had melted and the roads looked clear we went to purchase paint and some other home repair supplies.  This turned out to be the first of many trips to the Home Depot and Ace Hardware.  Upon returning home O cleaned and scrubbed the bathroom, she was literally on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor (yes, nesting has kicked in); and J caulked the grout in the bathroom, the trim in the nursery, and then the bathroom.  We woke up Valentines Day morning ready to get back to work.  We emptied out the nursery closet, reorganized the closet in our bedroom so that it would hold both of our clothes, replaced the faucet in our bathroom, prepped the walls of the nursery for panting and began priming.  All in all we are both exhausted but feel accomplished after all of our hard work.

2010 004 2010 021

The is a before and after shot of the closet.  Stay tuned for more info on what we are going to do to make the closet even more space efficient for Baby OJ.


2010 006 2010 0252010 027

The set of 3 picture above shows how we repurposed the three pictures that were hanging in the guest bedroom, soon to be Baby OJ’s room.  They are now hanging in our dinning room.  we are both pleased with how they look, and the priced can’t be beat.


2010 029 


For those of you that are worried about the safety of O and Baby OJ while all of this painting is going on, we choose to go with Mythic paint.  It is a no VOC and low odor paint.  We will have a post coming up in the near future that talks about our experience with the paint.

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As seen on t.v.

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We are now in the process of breaking down the guest bedroom and converting it into the Baby OJ’s room. Last weekend we removed the guest bed frame, mattress and box spring and stored it in the basement in air tight bags, to be used at a later date and possibly a bigger home.  This week O and I packed the guest bedding, pillows and seasonal items in the ‘Space Saver Bags’, as see on t.v.  For those of you who are as skeptical as I was, it really is amazing how much stuff you can get into these bags and how effective they are at reducing the space needed for storage of such items.  This is especially critical in a small home like ours.  What I did find especially funny is that on the bags themselves, it clearly states that you should refrain from vacuum sealing your child in the bags.  Which begs the question, did someone actually do this to necessitate having to print a warning on the bag??

Next steps are to reorganize the closet, paint the walls/ceiling and have the furniture delivered.  O and I will give progress reports as the room comes together.  Check out the photos below and decide for yourself about the effectiveness of the Space Saver Bags.


The first photo is a before shot with the 3 pillows to be sealed in a small Space Saver Bag.

IMG_1549Photo 2 is the results of the 3 pillows, less than 3 inches thick!!


Photo 3 is several of the bags with items that include, 1 down comforter, bed sheets, duvet cover, shams, mattress cover and a large portion of O’s wardrobe that is temporarily unusable.

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23 Weeks

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We are officially 23 weeks, in normal terms; we’ve started our 6 month. Four more weeks and we’ll be out of the 2nd trimester and into the last trimester. Everything continues to go great. My weight gain is right on target (15 lbs to date), blood pressure is great (90/50), and the Baby OJ’s heart beat is a perfect 140 bpm. Over the last weeks Baby OJ has continued to become more and more active and his/her kicks and punches have continued to get stronger. At 20 weeks I might have gone a whole day without feeling the baby move, but with his/her added weight I feel Baby OJ moving throughout the day. I’ve discovered over the last couple weeks that for some reason OJ prefers my right side and tends to spend most of the day snuggled to my right hand side. I’m sure as s/he continues to grow they will be forced to occupy all of the (limited) space available. I continue to feel fantastic. The beginning stages of insomnia are starting to set in.  It is the nights that I fight the lack of sleep and lay awake for 2 hours waiting to fall asleep that I find the insomnia frustrating, but as long as I embrace it and use the extra time for knitting, organizing and reading, it will be some much appreciated extra time.

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my favorite Day of the week…

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Tuesday is officially my favorite day of the week.  Despite it being so close to Monday and so far from Friday I love Tuesday because that is the night of my prenatal yoga class.  I signed up for an 8 week series of Yoga Classes at the Pierce Yoga Center in the Virginia-Highlands.  The class is 1 hour and 45 minutes long, we usually spend 1 hour and 15 minutes do Yoga and then 30 minutes drinking decaffeinated tea talking about any questions or concerns and then our instructor shares a “birth story” with us.  I feel so relaxed yet energized after the class and I love the camaraderie of being surrounded by a group of women are all in the same boat that I’m in.   poselogo

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Pregnancy Tips…

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On Thursday I officially changed my name to my married name.  Even though J and I got married back in May, we didn’t receive our marriage license until December.  There is definitely a different since of urgency in Costa Rica.  With Baby OJ birth coming on the way, we are trying to get all of our ducks in a row: insurance, names, etc.  Armed with every document that proves I am who I say I am, and a book for entertainment, I went down to the Social Security Office.

Shortly after arriving I had a very young (teen) mother sit down next to me and proceed to endow me with all sorts of pregnancy advice.  Her first piece of advice was to do lots of walking.  When I told her I’ve been going to gym 5 to 6 days a week you should have seen the look of shock on her face.  Then the conversation went like this

“What are you doing at the gym?”

“The Elliptical, Treadmill, Stairmill, etc.”

“You are not lifting weights though?”

“I lift some weights.”

“Don’t you know that while you are pregnant you aren’t supposed to life your hands above you head?”

Then she proceeded to share some more advice with me.  “Don’t have your baby at Grady Hospital!”  Inside I was dying laughing.  For those of you who don’t live in the Atlanta area, Grady is the home of CNN’s own Sanjay Gupta, it is also the most well known trauma center in the state of Georgia, but on the list of hospitals that deliver babies in Atlanta, it isn’t even a blip on the map.  She also suggested that I avoid people that smoke when around people smoking I should cover my mouth.

In the last few months I’ve received pregnancy tips for all sorts of sources: family, friends, acquaintances, doctors, and now I’ll add Social Security office strangers to my list.  In general I take what works for me and leave what doesn’t.  I’ll take the girls advice to not have my baby at Grady, but leave the advice that I shouldn’t lift my hands above my head, it would make fixing my hair in the morning too difficult.

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Belly Shots – Round 2

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Well since we have a huge set of of mothers-in-laws and and step mothers-in-laws that have requested more belly shots… so we’ve got to give the viewing public what they want, more belly shots!  These are from weeks 20, 21 and 22.  Enjoy.


20 Weeks   21 Weeks 22 Weeks

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