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Happy Birthday to Me!!

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Thirty-three years ago today I was born!  As I approach Baby OJ’s birthday (whatever day it might be) the magnitude of a what a birthday means has greatly increased.  That being said this has been a very low key birthday celebration in comparison to previous years.  Who remembers my 23rd birthday or maybe my 30th birthday?  Both of them were huge events.  That being said this birthday has been very special. 


I’ve have one birthday tradition that I’ve kept up for the last 13 of years.  For those of you who don’t know, I listen to Garth Brooks “Much to Young”….to feel this damn old every year on my birthday.  When I started this tradition I really did feel very old for how young I was.  Now 13 years later, I feel very young for “old” I am.


As for feeling special.  I can’t believe how many voicemail and facebook messages I received today.  The icing on the cake of today was the special meal that J prepared for me.  When I arrived home from my yoga class, I was greeted by my wonderful husband who had slaved all evening in the kitchen to cook me a delicious dinner.  He prepared us a meal of salmon, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and salad.  It was amazing!  If I was a better blogger, I would have remembered to take a picture before eating the delicious meal!

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Sneak Peak

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As predicted this weekend was exhausting for everyone involved.  I contend that my mother has more energy than anyone and she seems that she thinks the same thing about me.  We manage to push each other to work ourselves to the bone.  Here is a summary of the things we accomplished this weekend.  We shopped until we dropped on Friday which included 3 hours at Ikea, purchasing a mattress for the crib, going to Lenox and Phipps. On Saturday we went to a shower put on by some family friends to celebrate the induction of the new grandmas.  The company, weather and food were fantastic, especially the coconut cake!!  Baby OJ is already spoiled with love and hasn’t even arrived yet.  Following the shower we met up with J and continued hunting for a rug, baskets, fabric and other items needed to finish the room.  Around 6 PM we retuned to the house and started working on our crafting projects.  We created a memory board and started working on a light fixture.  On Sunday morning we finished the light fixture before going to brunch at Rosebud (if you are looking for a fantastic meal, you need not look any farther).  With our bellies full we returned home to make two window treatments and cut fabric for basket liners.  My mom was determined to finish the window treatments before leaving town.  She accomplished her goal with a half hour to spare and used her last minutes in town to repair two pairs of J’s pants and put a new waist band on mine.  Seriously, there isn’t anything she can’t do!!!  I know after reading about all we accomplished you are probably anxious to see the final pictures, and trust me we are anxious to share the final results but we aren’t quite ready to do the big reveal of Baby OJ’s room yet.  We are so proud of the work we accomplished this weekend we can’t help but share a “sneak peak”.

2010 0192010 020

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Things I’m Thankful for….

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As I approach the end of my 6th month (28 weeks & 3 days) it has occurred to me that there are a variety of things that I’m very thankful for.  Here for your reading pleasure is a list….

  • No back pain!  After having two back surgeries, I was really fearing that my sciatic nerve pain would make pregnancy unbearable.  I’m happy to report my regular trips to the gym and yoga have kept the sciatic nerve pain at bay and I’ve been virtually pain free.
  • That my feet haven’t swollen up yet.  This means my high heels still fit so instead of waddling around the office I can teeter around.
  • My wedding ring still fits.  Not being able to wear my ring was a big pre-pregnancy worry of mine.
  • Wonderfully supportive family and friends that are always telling me that I look great.  This is a major boost to my self esteem when I’m feeling especially rotund.
  • No heartburn!  Need I say more?
  • My dear sweet husband that has attended every single one of the doctors appointments.  He always arrives on time and with enough money to pay for my parking.  During the appointments he holds my hand when I get my blood drawn and attentively listens to the baby’s heartbeat.  Afterwards we usually grab a quick lunch together which is always my favorite part(and his!!).
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a nice relaxing weekend

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This is the first weekend in a while that O and I have had no projects and no set agenda.  I must say that we have been working like rented mules as of late.  Friday night O and I enjoyed a nice date night at Johnny’s Pizza and then went home to enjoy a movie on pay-per-view.  We settled on The Hurt Locker.  There are some people who are hung up on the factual inaccuracies in the movie, but what they have to remember is the movie is a FICTIONAL account of a war junkie.  It was a good movie that we both enjoyed watching.  Saturday was spent looking for baby products, specifically cloth diapers since we have decided to go that route.  It’s actually interesting that there are almost no places that you can go to have a hands on inspection of the varying products.  You basically you have to buy sight unseen from the internet.  I’m sure this is a story for a different blog.  The evening was spent with friends eating dinner at a favorite haunt (TDS) for some tacos and another movie at the theatre.  This time we enjoyed the Oscar worthy performance of Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart.  I personally believe that his best role was as “The Dude” in the The Big Lebowski, but this was certainly another great performance.  We are just trying to enjoy the time that we get to spend together (just the two of us) before baby arrives and also have a nice breather after so many projects.  We are anticipating gearing up for a jam-packed weekend when the O’s mother comes in town. We anxiously await the arrival of the “Little General”, like mother like daughter.

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Belly Shots – Round 3

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23 Weeks 24 Weeks 27 Weeks

These pictures are from weeks 23, 24 & 27.  Between work, traveling out of town, going to see Muse, cleaning house, throwing an Engagement Party at our house, a trip to the dump, painting, and a million other tasks (O is a task master), we missed a couple weeks of pictures.  Hopefully, now that we’ve gotten some of the big tasks checked off the list we can get back to fun of watching Baby OJ grow. 

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Photo Shoot….

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At the beginning of each month J has the opportunity to tour lots of newly “acquired” homes.  Mostly these are uneventful house tours, but on rare occasions you find something as cool as this!  Personally it makes me happy to know that J finds some entertainment and humor during his long days of work.  I’m not sure what I’m more impressed with, his “game face” or solo photography skills.

j at work

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Nursery….starting To Come Together

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Baby OJ’s crib and dresser were delivered on Monday.  When we ordered the furniture we had a plan for the layout of the furniture in the room, upon delivery O decided that she didn’t like the original plan.  That being said, the current placement of the furniture in the pictures below isn’t going to be the final resting spot. It really feels like the room is starting to come together.  There are still many odd ends needed but all of the big pieces are in place.  We are certain that Baby OJ is going to love their room!! 


2010 0522010 054

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Don’t Look At The Internet

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“Don’t look at the internet” is the best piece of pregnancy advice I’ve received.  It just so happens that the advice came from a person that never has been pregnant, and never will be pregnant.  Here is where the advice, or maybe I should say commandment, originated from.  One day while perusing the internet I found an article on CNN linking folic acid and Autism.  I was instantly worried, terrified, and upset thinking…"oh no, I gave my baby Autism".  This had to be good information a) it is on the internet and b) CNN is a reputable website. That evening while in a tizzy over causing Autism in my baby, J being the wise sage that he is, told me that he could find an article on the internet that proved that peanut butter causes Autism. For those you who don’t know I’ve been easting at least one PB&J a day for the last few months. Then he commanded me not to look at the internet.  So the next day I went back to the internet and secretly searched the web for an article linking peanuts with Autism.  All be darned he was right, I found one.  It was proven, I could pick any possible negative outcome and anything I love and find them linked on the internet.  So at that point I decided to follow his advice and avoid the internet.  I have been much less anxious and stressed ever since.

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Your Headlight Is On….

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When J received a headlamp in his stocking for Christmas this year, I greatly underestimated how much use we would get out of it.  But as you will see the headlamp has come in handy for the whole family. 

Here is J painting the inside of Baby OJ’s closet….

J with Headlamp

This might be one of the most unattractive pictures ever take of me, but for the your entertainment I’ve agreed to let this picture be posted.  Anyway, J found me knitting early one morning, you can imagine his surprise when he walked out into the living room and found me with the headlamp on.

O with Headlamp

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