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Concerts Galore

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One of O’s goals when she became pregnant was to give Baby OJ a love of live music right from the start.  Her father and mother were on tour with her dad’s band (Sassy) while her mother was pregnant, and we are convinced that early exposure to live music not only helped to develope O’s love of music but also developed her skill of being able to fall asleep anywhere and sleep through anything. 

Here is a run down on the concerts we attended over the last 8 months. 


Kings of Leon @ Phillips Arena – 10/9/2009, about 6 weeks pregnant at this point.  The show was great, O’s only complaint is that some tall guy kept standing right in front of her so she couldn’t see the overhead screens.  She was a tad bit hormonal at this point, so she yelled at him to get out of her way.  You know you are short when you go to a concert and plan on not being able to see the actual band performance, but instead plan on getting your full concert experience watching the overhead screens.   


Mute Math @ The Tabernacle – 11/6/2009, about 10 weeks pregnant at this point, The Tabernacle is by far the best venue in Atlanta, it doesn’t matter what you see here, it will be an awesome show.  That being said, this was a great show, hands down the best drum solo we saw during pregnancy.  


Mike Keneally Band @ Casa de Seney – 1/18/2010, 20 weeks pregnant.  This show was at O’s dad’s house in San Diego and she went to this one on her own.  Anyway, she said it was a great show, she had easy access to the bathroom and food.  Lack of snacks and long bathroom lines can ruin a concert experience when you are 20 weeks pregnant.  This show is also very memorable for O because during the show she felt Baby OJ kick for the very first time. 


Muse @ Gwinnett Arena – 2/27/2010, 26 weeks pregnant.  This was the first show that we saw that we had designated seats.  O appreciated being able to see the stage (and not just watching a screen).  This was by far the best show we attended and they had most interesting stage set-up.  Muse is O’s favorite band in the whole world, so this show was going to be the best in her book no matter what.  We even got O a concert tee-shirt to commemorate the experience.  



Nickelback @ Phillips Arena – 4/21/2010, 33 weeks.  We went to this one last week.  We’ve found that this band is very polarizing, people either love them or hate them.  O happen to like them, she thinks their lyrics are funny and they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously.  Yes, they have a formula but so do the Rolling Stones and no one seems to be knocking them.  Anyway, we went to this concert as one last hurrah.  Our seats were in a suite, which was awesome because we had an unobstructed view of the stage and our own bathroom!!!  It was by far the loudest concert we attended and had the most pyrotechnics either of us had ever seen.


After all of these shows, if Baby OJ doesn’t love rock ‘n roll, there is nothing we can do to change his/her opinion.

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Berry-Fudge Wedding…

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This weekend we had the privilege of attending our friend’s wedding in Mexico Beach, Florida.  The weekend, wedding and weather were perfect.

Here is the happy couple at their Rehearsal Dinner.


In this picture you can’t even tell I’m pregnant!


Me with the Bride, which one of us looks more ridiculous, me in my bathing suit, or Tara with her hair in rollers?  Obviously I have no shame because this isn’t the first time I’ve put a picture of myself in a bathing suit on this blog.


This picture isn’t the best, but I think it still shows how beautiful and perfect the wedding was.  Tara was a beautiful bride, her dress was gorgeous…and I think John looks quite dapper also.


Here I am with my friend Rianna.  I look like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka.  Just in case you don’t know who Veruca is, I’ve included a picture so you can easily compare and see the resemblance.


This picture turned out pretty good…except for the guy in the background…there is always a “random” guy in the background, it just turns out that the random guy is just about always our friend Kevin.


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Mirror Mirror….

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One of our pre-baby arrival goals is to finish our bedroom.  We still have two tasks to finish (new blinds,a closet organizer and a couple shelves to hold books), but getting a mirror was a major step towards finishing the room.  I’m not exaggerating when I say we have been looking for a mirror for 6 months.  We have been to HomeGoods, Home Depot and TJ Maxx on average of once a weekend for the last 6 months.  This is usually how it went.  J would find a mirror he liked, I would say it was too big.  I would find a mirror I liked, J would say it is too small.  If we found one we both agreed on J would inspect the corners and find it was severely dented and scratched.  Well as luck should have it we found a mirror that we could both agree on at Home Depot last weekend and after thoroughly inspecting it still met our high quality standards.  Both of us were in shock, after 6 months of looking, we were actually buying a mirror.  It is amazing how much the addition of the mirror really finished off the area over our dresser.


2010 034



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32 Weeks…..

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With my “due date” 8 weeks away, in may ways, I feel like the arrival of Baby OJ is right around the corner, but in other ways 8 weeks still seems like an eternity.  What is 8 weeks?  2 months.  1/6 of a year.  Both of those sound like pretty sizeable amounts of time to me.  The good news is that Baby OJ and I are still happily coexisting in my body.  The reality that he/she is much easier to take care of while inside of me outweighs any pain or discomfort I might experience while sharing my body with him/her.  That being said, my pain or discomfort is still to a minimum.  All in all I feel great, I’m still going to the gym 6 days a week and still sleeping through the night. 

Somehow my pregnancy brain kicked a week or so ago, and I managed to delete a couple of the belly shots from my camera before I uploaded them to the computer so there is a big break between the 1st and 2nd photo (and therefore a lot of visible growth).

27 Weeks 31 Weeks 32 Weeks

My face looks especially plump in the 3rd picture because J took the picture of me at 5:30 am before I went to the gym.  Typically I wait till after the gym to take my photo, but J was going to work early so  I suffered with a pre-gym photo…the lengths that I’m willing to go to for the publics viewing pleasure!!!

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What Do You Think??

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We’d like to know what you think about Baby OJ.  If you select the link below you will be able to take a short three question survey that will allow you to take your best guesses at Baby OJ’s (AKA Pumpkin-Seed, Jumbo, or The Great Pumpkin) stats.

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Nursery Update…

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This weekend we hung the window treatments and light fixture in Baby OJ’s room.  We are really pleased with how both of the projects turned out. 

I’m sorry that the first two pictures are so dark, it was too light out when I took the photos.  We purchased the top portion of the fabric from Javis Davis, which is the same site we ordering the bedding from.  We picked up the white seersucker on the bottom and the ribbon from Hancock Fabrics.  I helped with the cutting and design and my mom did all of the sewing.  J did the hanging and cut the wooden dowels down to size.

2010 0312010 032

2010 0362010 038 

As for the light fixture we were in a quandary over what would be the appropriate light fixture for the room that would “go” and not be too feminine or masculine.  Luckily O’s Mom had the “wision” or vision and came up with the following idea.  It turned out perfect!  We purchased a cloth light fixture from Ikea.  O’s Mom took the original fabric off of the “bones” of the light fixture and then recreated the fabric portion using some fabric that matches the crib skirt.  J is the one that installed the light and managed to make the 1950’s wiring work with a 2010 light.  I’m continually impressed with how handy he is!!!

 2010 023 2010 024

 2010 025 2010 026

 2010 028 2010 027

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Baby Jumbo???

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Throughout this pregnancy we have used two main nicknames for our baby.  Since you are reading this blog, I’m certain you are familiar with “Baby OJ”, but at home the primary term of endearment that we use is “Baby Pumpkin Seed”, don’t ask why, it is just what we’ve always called him/her.  Anyway, this week we had our 30 week appointment and the doctor noted that I’m “measuring a little big”.  Basically, for each week of pregnancy the size of the uterus usually corresponds in measured centimeters (isn’t that amazing).  For example at 30 weeks pregnant the doctor expects my uterus to be 30 centimeter long.  Doctors know this isn’t an exact science so anything within 2 centimeters is deemed normal.  I measured 33 centimeters so I was outside of the “normal” range and won myself a free ticket to the ultrasound room.  The ultrasound tech measured Baby OJ to be 4lbs and 2ozs.  This is about 1 lb more than expected.  Due to an error that they tech made measuring the kidneys the doc requested that we come back the next day for a second ultrasound with a specialist.  Everything looks great.  In fact that doc kept saying that everything was “gorgeous” including Baby OJ’s 4 chambers of the heart and the valves.  She even showed us that Baby OJ already has a head full of hair.  Based on the specialist measurements Baby OJ weighs 4 1/2 lbs.  If you extrapolate this weight out Baby OJ will weigh 10lbs at birth!  J has really taken to the idea that we are going to have a large baby and is now primarily calling it “Jumbo”, I’ve decided to call it “The Great Pumpkin”.  I’m convinced that Baby OJ just went through a growth spurt (probably caused by all of the sun we got in the Caribbean) and will be a normal size baby at birth.  That being said the doc wants to keep monitoring Baby OJ’s growth to make sure Baby OJ isn’t “too big”.  In the meantime I’m trying not to use any of the monikers that refer to the Baby OJ as big just in case it is a girl, I’d hate for her to have a complex about her weight before she is even born.

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One Last Hurrah!

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Sorry it been so long since we last posted, J and I have been out of pocket for a few days.  J being the awesome husband that he is, indulged me on my request for a “Babymoon”.  After lots of internet searching we decided on a short trip to St. Thomas.  For those of you who are as unknowledgeable as I was, St. Thomas is part of the US Virgin Islands.  This means it is a US territory (no passport needed).  Pretty much everything is the same (money, language, etc.), except they drive on the other side of the road.  Anyway, we had a fantastic time soaking up the sun and enjoying our last bits of time as a two person family. 

Magen's Bay

This picture will have to serve as a preview for the upcoming belly shots.

 Belly Shot

J dug a hole so that I could lay on my stomach and get some sun on my back.

J diggingSt. Thomas 046 

Family photo – this one is taken far enough away that can’t see all of my mushy parts.

J & 0 - St. John

J doing his best pirate impression!

 J as a Pirate

Here we are riding in a local taxi (bed of a truck)

  St. Thomas 118

Amazingly enough we took this one of ourselves, J is an expert at setting up the camera on a table or ledge and then setting the timer. 

St. Thomas 131

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