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I’m not to the “get this baby out of me point”….but I am getting curious.  Curious about what our little one is going to look like. Curious about if it is a girl or a boy?  I’m guessing y’all are just as curious as we are so today I dug up some baby pictures of J and I.  The thing that I find most interesting is how similar we look as babies.  The main way I can tell us apart is our mouths.  Even as an infant J had his down turned mouth.  Based on these photos, I’m fairly certain that Baby OJ is going to have a head full of brown hair and brown eyes, and I’m positive it is going to be just as cute as it can be.

Baby OBaby J

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38 Weeks and 1 Day….

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38 weeks and 1 day pregnant, at precisely at 10:30 PM last night I found my first two stretch marks.  They are both located right above my belly button and they hurt so I think they were formed recently.  How did I make it through 38 weeks without a single one and now, right at the end, they are choosing to form?

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38 Weeks…The Home Stretch

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With two weeks left until Baby OJ’s due date we are in the homestretch.  There is so little time remaining, we are trying to make the most of each day.  This Saturday we spent the early morning doing small projects around the house, and then attended our neighborhood social during the late afternoon.  In the two years that we have lived at our house we have never been in town for a community event, so both of us were really excited to attend and meet some of our neighbors.  The social was time well spent, it turns out that there are 3 women living in our neighborhood that are due in the month of June.  On top of all of the new additions to the neighborhood there are also numerous young children.  Attending the social reiterated how strongly we feel about our neighborhood.  It is so wonderful to live in town, in a neighborhood with active play groups for children of all age levels, and a great school district.


We spent Sunday cooking up a storm.  After going to Costco and the grocery store, we made huge batches of pasta sauce, chicken and rice casserole, Mexican lasagna, and pulled pork.  Our basement freezer is finally starting to look utilized.  Both of us were surprised how quickly the cooking went and we know that once Baby OJ arrives we will be so thankful to have some easy to prepare meals.


Being that we are in the final weeks, we are starting to get lots of “how is O doing?” questions.  Overall she is still doing great.  A little bit more tired than she was before, so she is trying to take it easy and give herself some extra rest, but over all she is still my little energizer bunny.  We have noticed that her feet have started to swell more.  So for your entertainment we have included some pictures of her fat little feet.  The first picture was taken after work at about 6:30 PM, the second photo was taken around 9:30 PM, after we had taken a walk and she had rested with her feet up for an hour or so.  Cousin Jill….I’m sure you are loving these pictures!!


Fat Feet Regular Feet

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It’s Our Anniversary…..

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One year of wedded bliss.  It is hard to believe that a year ago today we were in Costa Rica getting married.  Time flies when you are having fun!!

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Belly Shots

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These pictures are from weeks 34, 35, & 36.  The front shot is a “bonus” picture because we figured you might be curious about how the belly looks head-on.  O was convinced that sooner or later her belly would stop growing straight-out and would start growing a bit wider.  Unbelievably it still seems to be growing straight-out, it is amazing she is able to walk without tipping over.

Today we had our 36/37 week appointment.  This was the first of our weekly appointments.  Everything is continuing to go great.  Baby OJ is growing right on track, in fact all worries about Baby OJ being jumbo sized seem to be gone, as suspected Baby OJ just had an early growth spurt.  The window of opportunity to birth opens on Monday and closes on June 21st.  We are both starting to get very curious about the arrival date and whether we have a little boy or a little girl on the way.  It is strange to think that soon our baby will stop having a moniker and will start having a name.

34 Weeks A 35 Weeks A

36 Weeks A 36 Weeks B

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Finishing Touches

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Over the last couple months we’ve done a few arts and crafts in order to create some personalized touches for Baby OJ’s room.  Back in March we created a memory board by gluing two pieces of foam board together, then we put a thin layer of batting over the top and then covered it with fabric.  Then we glued the ribbon and stitched on the buttons at all of the intersection points.  Both J and I are really impressed with the finished product.

2010 005 2010 007  

 2010 009 Nursery 039 

This was a super easy craft project, we lined the drawers with wrapping paper left over from Baby OJ’s showers.  Lining the drawers was a sentimental project for me because I can still remember the drawer’s of my childhood dresser which were also lined with wrapping paper leftover from a baby shower thrown for my mom.

Nursery (1)

Nursery (4)

Lastly we hung up some picture frames.  All of the frames are from Ikea, we filled each frame with artwork which we created using ribbon, cards, wrapping paper and tissue paper that was left over from both of Baby OJ’s showers.  Per usual, I’m the idea portion of the team, and did the layout of the frames.  J is the execution portion.  He did all of the precise measuring to make sure all of the frames were evenly spaced and level.  He used the 3M Command Strips to hang the frames, both of us were really impressed with how well they work, and as promised they didn’t damage the paint job.

Nursery 35 Nursery 37

 Nursery 26  Nursery 28

Nursery 040Nursery 33

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Storage Baskets

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We purchased these baskets at Ikea and a couple of yards of fabric that match the bedding fabric.  O cut all of the fabric to line the baskets, but it took her mom coming into town to actually get them sewn together.  O can sew, but having mom do it is so much faster and comes out so much better.  If you are wondering who the woman is at the sewing machine, she specifically requested not to be pictured on the blog!

ikea storage basketO's Mom Sewing Basket Liners 

Basket with a Liner

The finished product.  A Target storage unit with four lined Ikea baskets.  We can’t wait to fill the baskets up with lots of little things for Baby OJ.Storage Unit With Lined Baskets

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When It Rains… It Pours….

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J, Baby OJ and I are currently being showered by family and friends.  Last Saturday my Atlanta girlfriends (aka my Urban Tribe) threw me a fantastic shower.  Every detail was perfect.  From the Baby OJ inspired citrus colored theme, to the sweet pockets cupcakes (same place that provided my reception cupcakes), to the orange, yellow and green M&M favors complete with J and my face on them.  The best part was having my friends and family in one place at one time.  While I was being showered with love and attention, Baby OJ was showered with essentials!!

If you look carefully at the M&M’s you can see our faces printed on them!

cupcakesShower 003

Action shots!

O action shotopening giftsgrandma

A handful of the shower guests.

O and family candid 

Me with the girl’s that threw the shower.

 girls candidgirls

 J doing his best Blue Steel, he stopped by after the shower was over to help collect Baby OJ’s goodies.

    Blue Steel

A gift from the shower hostesses we received our stroller.  Here is J with the stroller after he assembled it, it was so easy to assemble there wasn’t enough time for me to get an action shot of him putting it together.

J with the stroller

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Table Lamp

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We started with a plain white lampshade, my mom stitched two ribbons together then J displayed his hot-glue-gun skills and attached the ribbon to the lamp.  J’s quote of the day was “there not much you can’t do with a hot-glue-gun and some ribbon”. 

Nursery (6)Nursery (7)

Nursery (8) Lamp

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Sublime Doughnuts

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Warning, reading this post may make you fatter.

I haven’t had very many “cravings” during my pregnancy.  I usually have a sweet tooth, it just seems to be a little bit stronger now.  In general I try not to give into every craving I have for sweets.  Instead I’ve focused on special occasion and event eating.  There is this wonderful doughnut shop in Atlanta, called Sublime Doughnuts, and they have the best doughnuts in town.  I’ve been wanting to go and indulge, but have been saving it for a special occasion.  This Saturday was just that special occasion.  My mom, grandma, and two of my sisters were in town to attend a baby shower that my girlfriends were throwing (more to come about the shower).  I knew I could count on them to enjoy and indulge in doughnuts with me.  Saturday morning bright and early we went to Sublime and purchased a dozen doughnuts.  Then we came back to the house and after a quick photo shoot we proceeded to inhale the doughnuts in about 2 minutes flat.  We cut each doughnut into 4 pieces so that we could each try a variety of flavors.

Doughnut eating tip, when you cut a doughnut before eating it, the calories fall out. 


Donuts From Left to Right:  Oreo (Cookies and Cream), A-Town Cream, Raspberry Filled Heart, Chocolate Wildberry Fritter, Smores, Orange Dream Star, Black & Tan, Dulce de Leche, Carmel Apple Fitter, Red Velvet Cake, Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie & Butterfinger.

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