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1 Month

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06.27.2010 01506.27.2010 010 06.27.2010 013 06.27.2010 016

Today E is one month old.  This past month has gone by so fast, knowing that I only have 3 months off of work, it is sad to think that 1 month has already passed.  As far as achievements and milestones go, there are few to report on after one month.  E’s main activities are eating and sleeping.  He seems to be excelling at both.  We will take him to the doctor on Thursday for his 1 month appointment, then we will have his official weight and height, but unofficially he has gained at least two pounds, and weighs 10 lbs.  As far as sleeping goes we couldn’t be prouder of our little man, last night he went down at 9:30 and slept till 2:45 AM, and after feeding him he went back to sleep till 7:00 AM.

06.27.2010 009

We were told that we should do some daily tummy time with E.  Apparently he is supposed to get frustrated and attempt to lift his head.  As you can see E, doesn’t get “frustrated” by tummy time.  He loves it and proceeds to fall asleep.

06.27.2010 017 06.27.2010 018

In celebration of his one month birthday we got him a swing.  That is actually a lie, the fact that he received the swing on his one month birthday is a complete coincidence (I promise we aren’t spoiling him).  The truth is on Saturday we had dinner at our neighbor’s house, they have a 6 month old and while we were eating they allowed E to test out his swing.  E loved it, in fact he slept right through his normal 9 PM feeding.  After dinner we decided that we needed to get him a swing ASAP.

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Week 4

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This week was full of firsts.  E and O’s first solo adventure out of the house.  E’s first visits to J’s parents house and lake house.  E’s first visit with his Cousin Aaliyah, Aunt Eva and Uncle Allen.  It was a jam packed week!


I call this picture “Happy Father’s Day”…it was taken on Father’s Day morning.  I have the handsomest husband and cutest son in the whole world.  These are definitely my two favorite boys!  I’m a very lucky girl.

06.20.2010 002


This picture was taken on our first adventure out of the house we went to visit a two girlfriends from my from my prenatal Yoga class.  One had a son a month before E was born and that other had her son 3 weeks after E’s birthday.  We were all eager to get our boys together we are certain they will be fast friends.  The adventure went well.  E was a perfect angel.  The only “surprise” was on the way home I was entering the freeway at 14th street, and much to my surprise they have built a new curb since I went on maternity leave.  I hit the curb and got a flat tire.  The good news is it was a slow leak so I made it within a couple blocks of home.  I  parked my car by the park by my house and E and I took an impromptu walk home in the 95 degree Georgia heat.  Luckily I keep my stroller in the trunk so it wasn’t too bad.  If I was a better blogger I’d have a picture of my flat tire and a picture of E and I covered in sweat when we got home.

06.20.2010 006


A first for me also….my hair not in a pony tail!!!

06.20.2010 (9)


Here is J giving E his “big boy bath”.  Part of our bedtime routine is that J gives E a bath each night before getting him ready for bed and reading him a story.  J loves this quality time they spend together each night, and I think E is really starting to enjoy his bath time also.

06.20.2010 010


These two pictures are from our first trip to Pop and Tiki’s Lake House.  E’s Aunt Eva, Uncle Allen and Cousin Aaliyah were in town from Florida.  I can’t say enough how much we enjoyed getting to hang-out with them.

06.20.2010 014 06.20.2010 015


Happy Four Week Birthday E!!!06.20.2010 025


For your entertainment….you can see it takes multiple pictures to get a winner…. 

06.20.2010 022 06.20.2010 023 06.20.2010 024

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Week 3

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As of tomorrow E will be 4 weeks old, so I continue to be a little behind in my blogging.  I hoping that as I settle into Mommy-hood,  my blogs will be come more frequent. 

During our 3rd week home, E continued to have lots of visitors, including his “Aunt Tara”, she comes to visit and hold him at least once a week.

06.13.2010 (1)

The following two pictures are from his “bath-time” as you can see he still had his umbilical cord attached so all E got was a sponge bath, but I think he look so cute all bundled up in his towel.

 06.13.2010 (4) 06.13.2010 (5)

Here we are hanging out on the couch, probably watching HGTV or the Food Network.  This is one of the few pictures that has been taken of me in the last couple weeks that doesn’t need to be photo shopped to eliminate my double-chin!!!

06.13.2010 (6)

Here E is hanging out in his “baby papisan”, it blows my mind how much he has grown in the in the last couple weeks, he is definitely longer and wider!

06.13.2010 (17)

Unfortunately we took this picture right before bedtime so he could barely hold himself up long enough for the photo, and we certainly couldn’t remove his paci…


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Week 2

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During E’s second week of life we continued to learn about the finer points of parenthood. 

J has been mastering the art of the diaper change.06.06.2010

I’m sorry if these pictures are a little graphic, but we were very impressed by the distance achieved!  When this type of thing happens all you can do is laugh.  I must say we have been laughing a lot lately.

06.06.2010 (2) 06.06.2010 (3)

We took our first walk as a family.  I was only able to make it a few blocks, but it was still nice to get out.  I think once this heat wave passes, I’ll be ready to take some longer walks.

06.06.2010 (10)Here is E hanging out in his laundry basket, being his regular cute self.

06.06.2010 (11)

Lastly, here is his 2 week birthday photo.  We took this picture just before bedtime so he wasn’t super excited about having his picture taken.06.06.2010 (26)

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Week 1

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We are a little behind on our blogging but I guess that is to be expected considering we’ve added a new member to our family.  Anyway, here are some pictures from E’s first week at home.


In E’s first week at home he spent a lot of time hanging out in what we like to call his baby papisan chair.  He even presided over the dinner table. 

06.01.2010 005 

He went on his first outing to Target on his one week birthday.

06.01.2010 010


Here E is posing with Tommy Vick.  Tommy Vick is O’s first “baby”.  Tommy has been very helpful as we prepared for E’s arrival.  He tried out the car seat, high chair and stroller.  We also used him to practice swaddling.  We can already tell that E is growing and I think once we post his 2 week photo you will be able to see it also.  He already has more rolls and his double chin is getting bigger.

06.01.2010 018

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Baby “OJ” Has Arrived!!

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J and I are so proud to announce the arrival of our 8 lb 4 oz son on May 29th, 2010.  Now that he has a name we will be referring to him as “E”.  As some of you may know this is a public unsecured blog, so we have made a conscious effort not to use our names on the blog, true to form we will not be using E’s name either.  That being said, here are some pictures from E’s first few days.  Over the coming days while it is still fresh in my head I’ll take the time to record the story of E’s arrival into our family.  For those of you that read another blog (that will remain nameless), I can assure that I won’t be breaking my birth story up into a multi-part series!

05.29.2010 027 proud dad 

   05.30.2010 01505.31.2010 (7)

05.31.2010 (11)05.31.2010 (18)

 05.31.2010 (24)

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