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2 months

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Happy 2 Month Birthday E (yesterday)!

Our little sweet-pea is continuing to grow like a weed.  He is 13lbs and 3 ozs and 23 3/4 inches long.  He is in the 90th percentile for his weight and 85th percentile for his height.  I interpret this outstanding growth as confirmation that we are doing a good job as parents.  I came home from his doctor’s appointment yesterday feeling like I got an A on an exam.  Here are some of the new things that E is doing.  Drooling, making bubbles, pushing himself into a standing position while being held in our arms, holding his head up for short periods of time, cooing noises, taking a bottle and smiling.  He has also started grunting when he is going to the bathroom and he threw a fit for the first time.  I didn’t feed him fast enough and instead of doing his normal fussing, he started grunting and kicking his legs.  It was so cute, I couldn’t help but laugh.

07.01.2010 (8) 07.01.2010 (11)

Here’s E in a new outfit provided by my Cousin.  I think E is yelling at my in the second picture to stop taking pictures of him….

07.01.2010 (127) 07.01.2010 (126)

Here is E with the other babies from our Post-partum Yoga class.  The class has been so fun, moms doing Yoga in between tending to their baby.  E is the second to the youngest in this picture, but he certainly isn’t the second to the smallest.

07.01.2010 (131)

07.01.2010 001

The dog in the out-takes is “Patron” my Cousin Jill’s dog, Jill, Patron & Jill’s Husband (Will) are in town visiting for the weekend.  E and Patron are becoming best buds.

07.01.2010 004 07.01.2010 005 07.01.2010 002

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The last couple weeks have been hectic.  First we had O’s baby sister in town visiting for a week. 

This first picture is from when we picked Rachel up at the airport.  J isn’t just wearing a huge fanny pack, E is snuggled inside of there, if you look carefully you can see E’s foot and arm. 

07.01.2010 (14)

Rachel, looks awfully bright-eyed and bushy-tailed especially since she had been awake since 2:00 AM.  Rachel is my youngest sister, she is 13 and just finally passed me up in height.  I’m officially the shortest of all of my siblings.

  07.01.2010 (15)07.01.2010 (16)

Having Rachel in town was so awesome, she was so helpful, E definitely bonded with her, if he was fussy, she was just at good at getting him calmed down as I am.  It was so fun to see her with him, I think you can tell how much he liked her by the look he is giving her.

07.01.2010 (19) 07.01.2010 (25)

I found this hilarious.  Rachel likes to get nice and close to the mirror while doing her make-up.  She is lying on the ground underneath the swing to get close to the mirror while E is swinging.

07.01.2010 (21)

Then O, Rachel and E traveled to California to visit family for 9 days.  Here is O at the airport.  E was a dream on the flight.  He slept most of the flight and didn’t appear to having any problems with his ears.

07.01.2010 (27)

The best part about being home was the opportunity for O’s family to meet E.  Here is E is his “Old Papa”  and “Old Granma” (his great-grandpa and great-grandma)

07.01.2010 (28) 07.01.2010 (79)

The main reason we were in California was for my sister Stephanie’s wedding.  O & E helped all week long with the last minute preparations and as soon as J got into town he immediately got put to work.  The rehearsal was a special BBQ theme picked out just for Karl (the groom).  The rehearsal dinner took place in my parents barn, we are all so proud how perfectly the event turned out.

07.01.2010 (40) 07.01.2010 (46)

07.01.2010 (55)07.01.2010 (38)

07.01.2010 (65) 07.01.2010 (74)

The newlyweds!

07.01.2010 (88)

E wore a onesie with a an iron on tie and a pair of khaki pants from the Gap, doesn’t he look cute!

07.01.2010 (85)  07.01.2010 (90)

  07.01.2010 (81)

Our first Mother-son dance.

07.01.2010 (100) 

Here is E  with Thomas, my friend from high-school, my mom has unofficially adopted Thomas as her son, so this is E with is Uncle.  Note that E is wearing a tie-dyed top (so California).

07.01.2010 (34)

This sweet baby girl is Taylor, she is Thomas’s and she was born on the 28th, 9 hours end 31 minutes before E.  When Taylor and E met for the first time she stared an him and he played coy and looked away.  It was so cute.  I can’t wait to watch the two of them play together.

 07.01.2010 (35)

The trip wasn’t all fun and no play…here is O riding T3’s (Thomas’s son) tractor.  E will get to drive this tractor all over next summer.  This trip he had to settle for a ride on the big tractor with mommy, sorry…no pictures of that ride.

07.01.2010 (113) 07.01.2010 (110)

J showing off some of his bicycle skills.

07.01.2010 (112)

E all bundled up.  This was a big change for him, he almost never wears more than a onesie here in Atlanta, but he got to wear long sleeves, pants, socks and a hoodies while we were in California.  It would reach 85 in the afternoon, but it would be as cool as 55 in the morning and evening so we had to go out and buy some warm clothing for him.

 07.01.2010 (104)

O’s two favorite men sleeping on the flight back home. 

07.01.2010 (124)

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Last Thursday E has his one month appointment.  He is in the 80th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height.  His head circumference is 15 1/8 inches, I’m not sure what percentile that is but it looks awfully big to me!  In the 28 days between his newborn and his 1 month appointments he gained 3 pounds, and weighed in at 10 3/4 lbs.  To put the weight gain into perspective, the average newborn gains between 1 1/2 and 2 lbs in their first month.  E is quickly becoming our little Michelin Man.  The growing depth of his rolls makes bath time more challenging because J really has to work to clean out each of E’s rolls.

06.01.2010 01806.27.2010 015

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Family Resemblance

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This picture was provided by E’s "Grand Poo" (O’s Dad) and Aunt Jerie.  E is so excited to meet his Grand Poo and Granma Seney in a couple of weeks when we are in California.  Based on the picture E knows that he is going to have lots in common with his Grand Poo.


Grand Poo 06.20.2010 023

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