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3 Months

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Over the past month E’s little personality and body have continued to grow.  J and I have fallen in love with all of his rolls and crevasses.  Especially the deep rolls in the back of his thighs.  Trust me when I say that he has just as much cellulite in the front of his legs as he does in the back.

 08.01.2010 039

This picture showcases his mastery of making bubbles.  His lips and chin are constantly covered in bubbles, and when he isn’t blowing bubbles he is drooling enough to soak his top.

08.01.2010 049

Here is what E would look like without his head full of hair…still too cute for words, but his hair really sets him apart.

08.01.2010 032

This weekend he took his first stroller ride in the “big boy” position.  No more need for his infant carrier when we go on walks!

08.01.2010 036

Mommies favorite “activity” of the weekend is taking a nap with her little man on the couch.  There is nothing better in the world.

08.01.2010 038

08.01.2010 043

 06.01.2010 01807.01.2010 (17)08.01.2010 004

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First Day Back at Work

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Here we are before leaving for work. 

Note the skull and cross bone shirt, J made it for E by ironing a patch onto a onesie

08.01.2010 023


Today was my first official day back at work.  Everything went fantastic.  I was nervous about how everything would go in the morning, and what it would take to get both E and I out the door on time.  With both J and I working together this morning, we easily got out the door on time.  It was like we were a well oiled machine, it felt like we had been doing this every morning for years.  Once I got to work, it was so busy the day flew by.  Also, the fact that his daycare is across the street from my office made this first day back to work much easier because I was able to take two breaks to visit E during the day.  I think E had a great first full day at daycare.  He was so exhausted when we got home I could barely keep him awake long enough to get a few smiles out of him.


I think you can see his exhaustion in this picture.

08.01.2010 025

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First day of School

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E started “school” yesterday.  I know he is only 12 weeks old, but since his 3 caretakers all have degrees in education or child development they are more like teachers, therefore his daycare is more like a school.  His first day of school was also the first day that the school was open.  There is something nice about being at a squeaky clean, brand new facility.  All of the staff and teachers are so eager and excited about the new school and are working hard to make everyone’s experience perfect.


Here we are with E before going to school

08.01.2010 019 08.01.2010 021


For his first day he only went for 4 hours (that is all that mommy could take).  During the time he was there, I pumped (fun!) and went shopping to buy 2 pairs of pants to wear until I fit back into my old clothes.  I’m only 5 pounds and 1clothing size away from my pre-baby figure.  E did great.  Just as laid back as always.  His teachers said he enjoyed story time and took a couple short naps.  He must have had a good time because when we got home he slept for 4 hours.  Actually, I think the long nap was more due to the fact that he didn’t take his normal long morning nap at school.  This is my fault I’ve gotten him used to taking naps in my arms so he isn’t used to napping in a crib.


For day two he went to school from 9 to 3.  While he was hanging out and getting to know some of his new classmates (Lily, Oliver and Addison), J and I went on a “date” to celebrate my last day of maternity leave.  We went to breakfast at Ria’s Blue Bird, where I had the best pancakes ever.  After breakfast we went to the Your DeKalb Farmer’s Market (YDFM).  Going to the YDFM has been on my “to-do” list ever since I moved to Atlanta in 2002.  For some reason I’ve never been, but J said we could do what ever I wanted.  So we went there, neither of us really new what to expect.  It was awesome, the best selection of fresh meats, fish, fruits & veggies.  Most things there are at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent items at our neighborhood super market.


08.01.2010 009

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When it Rains….It Pours

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While getting our crash course in parenting over the last 3 months, we have also received a crash course in “life”.  You would think having a child would be enough stress to take on, but apparently it wasn’t.  It all started just before E was born.  Our duplex that has been occupied continuously for the last two years was suddenly empty and needed many expensive repairs.  No worries, that is why we have an “emergency fund”, we can roll with this punch.  That dip in the road was followed by many twists and turns.  A broken lawn-mower, 4 new tires needed for both cars, a broken oven (for 3 weeks), a broken grill (still out of commission) and new transmission for J’s car.  Last but certainly not least, the retaining wall that has been retaining dirt and keeping our house standing for the last 60 years has stopped retaining. 


Ugh….I rolled with each of of these punches and reminded J that soon our luck would turn and that typically bad things happened in 3s (I wasn’t anticipating so many multiples of 3). 


That was until this Saturday.  J, E & I went to a 1st birthday party for Nicole’s little princess, Katelyn.  After enjoying some delicious food and cake we packed up to head home.  J went to start the car, but much to our surprise, the battery was dead, not a little dead, very dead.  We got the car jumped and then after dropping E & I off at home, J went to get the battery replaced.  At that point I sat on the couch and cried, thinking I couldn’t handle another thing breaking or needing to be replaced.  It truly was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Luckily, J and I are never down at the same time, so he stepped up and told me that this is what life and parenthood is all about.  He reminded me that we are prepared for emergencies and told me everything would be okay.


The good news is E has been so easy the parenting part of the equation of life hasn’t been too bad, and no matter what happens always have his cute gummy smile to look at.



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A Day At the Lake

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Last Thursday O’s cousin Jill came to town to visit with her husband (Will) and their dog, Patron (“The Boss”) in tow.  Jill and O are only 6 months apart in age and grew up together so they consider themselves “sisters”.  We had a great time with them in town.  The highlight of the visit was evading some of the oppressive Atlanta heat and going to the lake on Saturday.  It was still hot, but at least there was a lake to help keep cool.


Jill and O with their “babies”

07.01.2010 018

Patron & Jill cooling off

07.01.2010 011

O, E & Tara on the Pontoon boat, E’s first boat trip

07.01.2010 010O & Jill on “Big Mable”

 07.01.2010 020 07.01.2010 023

J & Will showing us their moves

07.01.2010 04807.01.2010 051

For their grand finale they took Patron out on the inner tube, Patron is fearless, at home in Santa Cruz he goes on bicycles rides with Jill and Will in a special backpack.  He just loves to have the wind in his hair.

07.01.2010 054 07.01.2010 068 

Jill, Will & Patron, we had such an awesome visit with you….we are looking forward to visiting you in California.

07.01.2010 070

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