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4 months

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E is 4 months old today.  J and I can’t believe a 1/3 of a year has already passed.  The last month has been a big one for E, he has achieved numerous milestones.  In the last month he learned to sleep without a swaddle and also roll from his back to his stomach.  He has begun to be more aware of other people, especially the other kids in his class.  He is working on sitting and loves to stand.  He has discovered his hands in the past 3 weeks and becomes irritated when he cannot fit both in this mouth at the same time. Now everything gets put in his mouth including his recently discovered feet (see last photo at bottom, E bending at the waist to “eat” his feet.) 


In this first picture E is still looking quite sleepy, but I wanted to show that with the arrival of cool weather this week he was able to wear the sweater his Grandma Elane knitted him.

09.01.2010 141

E is still an awesome sleeper, not only does he sleep 11 continuous hours at night, but he typically naps about 5 hours each day.  Two 2 hour naps and One 1 hour nap each day.  Here he is napping at school, he is a definitely a stomach sleeper.

09.01.2010 143

As I mentioned, E loves to stand.  At his school they have these little rocking bouncy seats and E likes to stand next to them and look-in on who ever is sitting in the seat.  One of his teachers told me he tried to take a paci out of another kid’s mouth while leaning on their bouncy seat.  I’m curious to find out if our son is going to be a little tormentor or maybe more of an instigator.

09.01.2010 144

E also loves to play on the “mountain” and play (eat) the drum.  Looks like music is in his bones.

09.01.2010 145

09.01.2010 146 09.01.2010 14809.01.2010 149     

09.01.2010 132 09.01.2010 134 09.01.2010 136 09.01.2010 138

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Day Care….

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E’s Day care was featured in an AJC article in this Sunday’s paper.  We are so pleased with the care he is receiving and couldn’t be happier with the location.  He is directly across the street from O’s office.  Having him so close has made the transition back to work much easier. 

Follow the link below to read the article.

Day care centers
 find room to grow in city  |

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In E’s almost 4 months with us he as earned numerous nic-names.  For your entertainment J and I would like to share some of them.

  • Little Furry Monster
  • Snuzzle Bunches of Oats
  • Stinker
  • Sweet Pea
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • The Snuzzler
  • Stinkapotamous
  • Stinkasaurusrex
  • Mommy’s Little Hairy Monster
  • Chumbawumba

09.01.2010 127

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Double Take

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I’m sorry that the picture is so small, but the resolution isn’t very good.  Anyway, double take, that is exactly what I did when I saw this picture.  I thought to myself, when did Ethan and I take this picture?  Isn’t my hair longer?  I don’t remember him wearing a full sleeper?  Then I looked a little closer and it occurred to me that I haven’t owned that shirt in years.  That is when I realized that this isn’t a picture of Ethan and I, this is a picture of my baby sister Rachel and I.  Pretty crazy!


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Weekend With Grandma

Posted on September 19, 2010. Filed under: E, good eats, life & times |

J went on his annual golf trip this weekend.  I wasn’t looking forward to being on my own for five days, so I invited my mom to come out from California so I could have some quality time with my mom and E could have some quality time with his grandma.  E and I were on our own for Wednesday and Thursday night for the first time (things went very smoothly).  I could bore you with the details, but instead I’ll just focus on the highlights.  Before I go into what we did this weekend, I should explain that my mom knows how to do everything.  She is basically superwoman.  So at 33 years old, she is still teaching me important life skills.


First things first she saved our plant!  We have a plant that we received as a gift for E’s birthday.  Between learning to be parents and the oppressive heat the plant was on it’s last leg.  While walking E around the outside of the house she found that condensation was coming out of a tube connected to our AC unit, by putting the tube in the plant she created an impromptu irrigation system.  The plant is already looking more perky. 

09.01.2010 101

She finished knitting a sweater for E!  It fits perfectly, I hoping cold weather will come soon, so he can start wearing it.  Isn’t it so cute?  The last sweater she knitted was 33 years ago for me!

09.01.2010 117 

We set up E’s Johnny Jump.  This was my favorite toy as an infant, and I’m certain it will be his also.

09.01.2010 097

Our biggest project of the weekend was a surprise for J.  We purchased a Webber Grill for him, and also a 10 pound turkey.  People typically only have turkey at holidays and big events so it seems a bit extravagant for a little family like ours, but it is actually perfect.  Not only will the meat be the base of 3 meals this weeks (sandwiches, pot-pie & enchiladas).  But we will also have leftover meat to freeze so that I can make soup once the weather get cooler.  As you can see E helped us assemble the grill.

09.01.2010 09609.01.2010 104

09.01.2010 09909.01.2010 107  

 09.01.2010 108 09.01.2010 109

 09.01.2010 112

Once we got the coals going we prepped the turkey by seasoning it on the inside with lots of salt and pepper and then massaged the outside with olive oil.  Mom told me it is very important to give the turkey a very good massage and to speak to it very nicely so that it was be extra delicious.  The picture below shows what a wonderful massage I gave the turkey.  Doesn’t the turkey looking happy, relaxed and ready to be cooked?

09.01.2010 11609.01.2010 119

Isn’t that a good looking bird?  Not bad for 2 hours of cooking.

09.01.2010 122 

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with Mom/Grandma.  E and I both loved getting to spend quality with Grandma Elane.  One of the most surprising and best benefits of having E, has been the additional time I’ve gotten to spend with my mom.

 09.01.2010 123

Grandma Elane, E and I love you and miss you!!

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What’s For Dinner?

Posted on September 16, 2010. Filed under: life & times |

This is how the conversation typically went. 


“What should we have for dinner?”

“I don’t know, what do you think we should have?”

“I don’t care, you are the picky one, you decide.”

“I’m not the picky one, you are”

“No I’m not, I’m perfectly happy with cereal or a peanut butter sandwich”

“I don’t think cereal is a meal, I’m going to get (insert fast food)”


We had this same conversation pretty much every night and the outcome was always the same, neither of us were happy with dinner.  That is until we finally came up with a solution that works for us.  After a lot of “discussions” on how to solve this repeat argument we finally agreed that we would come up with a list of meals each weekend and then purchase all of the necessary ingredients.  We even decided to go as far as to designate the day we would eat he meal and post it on the fridge so that who ever got home first could start the designated meal.  I can’t explain in words how much this positively impacted our family.  We are both happy with dinner, we have more time, we throwing away less food, going out to eat less often, and saving money.


Here are a few secrets of our success.

  1. Use a crock-pot.  We try to do a crock-pot meal at least once a week.  Using a slow cooker guarantees a hot fast meal.
  2. Martha Stewart’s Food Everyday magazine.  Over the last 3 weeks we have done at least 10 recipes from old issues of this magazine, every meal has been a winner (easy, fast & tasty).  Here are the names of some of our favorites:  cayenne-rubbed chicken with avocado salsa, penne with creamy pumpkin sauce, apricot-stuffed pork with potatoes and brussels sprouts, fresh angel-hair pasta with bacon and peas, & cornbread-and-beef skillet pie.
  3. Inventory items you already have and try to choose recipes that use those items.  It was a quick inventory of our cupboard and fridge that led to the selection of the penne with cream pumpkin sauce.  There had been a can of pumpkin puree in our pantry forever.
  4. Leftover Pizza.  For our Friday meal we purchase a Boboli pizza crust.  Whatever we have leftover at the end of the week makes it way on to the pizza.  A couple weeks ago we had leftover meat from tacos earlier in the week.  This ground beef inspired a Mexican themed pizza made with sundried tomatoes, frozen corn & pepper jack cheese.  It was so yummy!
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House Divided??

Posted on September 14, 2010. Filed under: E, life & times, pictures |

 09.01.2010 092 09.01.2010 023

No, we aren’t a house divided!!!  J and I agree, we both cheer for Team E! 

With a son this cute, how could we not?

09.01.2010 073

My favorite part is his stomach sticking out the bottom of his shirt!

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It’s Just a Style

Posted on September 6, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized |

The other evening we were inspired by E’s hair and the difference it makes in his look when it is styled in different ways.  For comparison’s sake, the first picture is an example of how his hair normally looks.  Not styled or combed.  As you can see his hair has continued to grow and to date very little has fallen out.  I think if he was a girl I would put more effort into his hair.  Maybe put on a bow or headband, but since he is a boy, we basically don’t do anything but wash it, and then let it go. 

09.01.2010 011

Bangs make him look a lot older and more brooding.

09.01.2010 012

The Pat Riley.

09.01.2010 014 

This is the Rick James jerry curl.  As it dries it starts to look more like a Wisconsin Waterfall.

09.01.2010 016

The Clark Kent.

 09.01.2010 017

The Butt Cut

09.01.2010 018

‘Bama Bangs

 09.01.2010 019

Otter Hair

 09.01.2010 020

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