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5 months

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Our sweet little E continues to wow and surprise us with each day.  Over the last month he has become more vocal and can be an all out Chatty Cathy if the spirit moves him.  As you may have seen earlier this month he has started sitting.  He has been rolling from his back to stomach for a while, but now he has learned to roll from his stomach to his back.  He is like Zoolander, he can’t go left so he typically rolls to his right hand side until he ends up by the rails of his crib which is a sure fire way to get him screaming at 3 in the morning until J or I flip him back over to his tummy.  He also has gotten a lot more particular about toys.  He doesn’t want to play with anything that doesn’t fit in his mouth.  There are times when he will stare at a toy intently until we figure what it is he wants and give it to him.  It also seems that his 5 hours of daytime naps are dwindling down to 3 or 4 hours.  He didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month so I don’t have any official stats to share, but I do have some unofficial stats.  According to us, E is in the 99 percentile for hair and drool.


Here are some highlights from the month….E being his normal handsome self.

10.01.2010 034

Mommy & Daddy doing there patented prom pose before going on their first post E date.

10.01.2010 029

E’s first tattoo, okay….it isn’t a real tattoo….but we still think it made him look pretty tough.

10.01.2010 035

E looking a little rough before getting ready for school.

10.01.2010 192

E being his normal happy self.

 10.01.2010 166

Playing at school with one of his classmates.

10.01.2010 207

First family self portrait.

10.01.2010 172

10.01.2010 199

10.01.2010 19510.01.2010 20310.01.2010 198

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Sweet ‘Taters

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We haven’t been eager to start feeding E “real” food.  To me it just seems like an additional task to worry about on top of the feedings I either conduct or prepare for each day.  At E’s 4 month appointment his pediatrician said that since he is gaining weight and sleeping well on his all milk diet there is not hurry to start introducing food.  That being said E has been showing a strong interest into whatever J and I are eating, so last weekend we decided to mix up some sweet potatoes for he’s first meal.  Since food at this point is solely for learning how to swallow and experiencing different tastes and textures, we keep feedings very low key.  E really enjoyed his first feeding.  He didn’t eat much at all but he sure did give us some big smiles and funny expressions as he held the sweet ‘taters in is mouth and moved it around without swallowing.

10.01.2010 185 10.01.2010 18410.01.2010 19010.01.2010 188

Do you like the pirate bib???  The bib is the very first thing J bought for E.  It was a Christmas present for E, back when he was still in my belly and we referred to him as Baby Pumpkin-Seed.  You can tell we are rookie parents because we started feeding him without a bid, after he started spitting out all of his food we decided to put a bib on him.

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We Have a Sitter

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E is officially sitting.  He has been working on it for the last couple weeks.  Up until this weekend whichever direction his head went the rest of his body followed, so his sitting was very unstable at best.  Now he is able to lean over to pick a toy and then sit back up.


10.01.2010 179

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Pumpkin-Seed goes to the Pumpkin Patch

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This Saturday we headed up to Woodstock with our friends Megan & Jason with their daughter Samantha, to the Berry Patch Farms for some fall family fun.  The two little ones took were so cute.  We enjoyed walking through the patch, the hay ride with the little ones and viewing the farm animals. It was great weekend to really get in the fall spirit and enjoy the great weather we have been having! Both E and Ms. Samantha looked so cute.

10.01.2010 102

10.01.2010 09110.01.2010 106

10.01.2010 11110.01.2010 121 

10.01.2010 12210.01.2010 123

10.01.2010 146

10.01.2010 13410.01.2010 135

  10.01.2010 159

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Swamp Gravy

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This weekend we made our longest road-trip to date with E and drove 3 1/2 hours south to Colquitt, Georgia.  Earlier this year, while I was still pregnant we went down to Colquitt with our friends John & Tara to attend a wedding shower.  While at the shower all of the ladies from own told me I had to come back for the towns big play “Swamp Gravy”.  With built in babysitters (John’s Parents) while we are there, it was easy to say yes.

E doesn’t enjoy sitting in his car seat for more than 15 minutes so made the trek down there undercover of night.  Driving after E’s bedtime made for a long day for us, but much easier E.

10.01.2010 048 E woke up bright and early so he and J went outside to enjoy the sights of the Fudge Farm.  I love the big trees with Spanish Moss.

10.01.2010 05110.01.2010 052

During an afternoon walk with Tara, J picked some cotton!  The white field behind J and Tara is a cotton field.  To a California girl you can’t get much more “Southern” than a cotton field.

10.01.2010 056 10.01.2010 057  

While Tara, E, Miss Mary & I went shopping in downtown Colquitt, J and John donned their camouflage and went target shooting. 

10.01.2010 071

For E the best part of the trip was his room.  The murals in this room are amazing.  I accidentally deleted the picture that shows the giraffe that is painted by the crib.  E really enjoyed both of the rocking horses.  He is hoping to go back when he is bigger so he can really ride the big rocking horse.

10.01.2010 075 10.01.2010 08210.01.2010 078

While we were at Swamp Gravy E stayed with John’s parents (James & Mary).  You can see how happy he is with James.  I think the overalls were appropriate attire for the farm.

10.01.2010 059

This years Swamp Gravy is about the different murals that are painted throughout the town.  The murals are amazing, the next time I go back I’ll make sure I get pictures of all of them.  Currently they are painting two huge silos.  If you look carefully you can see a basket near the brim of the hat, that is the artist working on the painting.

10.01.2010 06510.01.2010 06110.01.2010 070

Here J and I are before going to the show at Cotton Hall.  The show was awesome, if anyone is looking for something fun to do in March or October, I highly recommend making the trek down to Colquitt to see Swamp Gravy.

10.01.2010 079

 10.01.2010 081

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Head Gear

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Just because he has a head full of hair doesn’t mean E can’t rock a hat from time to time.  Each hat helps him channel a different personality.  Okay, he probably isn’t channeling some of the personalities yet, but he certainly does entertain us. 


Ready to hit the slopes!

09.01.2010 158


On his way to go fishing with Pop.

10.01.2010 002


“I’ll save you!”

10.01.2010 041


“Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play.”

10.01.2010 008


“Paging doctor E.” (This one is in honor of my cousin Jilly.)

 10.01.2010 043

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E had his 4 month appointment last Friday.  So here are his stats.  He is 26 inches long and weighs 16 pounds.  He has almost doubled his weight in his first 4 months and looks to be on track to triple his weight by the end of his 1st year.  But even more amazing than his weight gain is his hair growth!  As you can see by the picture below, his hair just continues to get longer.  We are fairly certain he is in the 99 percentile for hair.  We are already taking bets and getting suggestions on how long we should let it grow.  J wants to let it grow until E is 3.  I think it will be down to his buttocks by then.  I’m leaning more towards the point when everyone thinks he is a girl even when wearing a blue outfit covered with trucks or dinosaurs.


09.01.2010 126

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When I was little besides having Cabbage Patch Kids, Legos and Barbies I also had a family of Monchichis.  I don’t remember when I got them, or why I liked them.  Was there a cartoon?  Did they have a cereal?  If there had been a Monchichi movie I think I would remember that. 

Ever since E was born, I’ve been telling J that I think E looks like a Monchichi.  He didn’t know what I was talking about, so I went to the web to find a picture.  How did we ever find the answer to anything before the web?  In the process of finding the picture I discovered that Monchichi’s are of Japanese origin.  Now I’m really wondering how I became interested in them….Anyway, I digress. Once J saw this picture he agreed our son does show a strong resemblance to these little furry Japanese creatures.  I think it is the full head of hair and the cute round cheeks that make him look like my beloved Monchichis.

monchichi 09.01.2010 140

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