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Puerto Rico

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If you could see me now you would laugh, because I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop to the right of me and a keyboard that I barrowed from work on my lap.  Despite the funny set-up, I’m thankful because I can type!!!  I’ve had this blog created for at least a week with all of the pictures in order and ready to go, but I was totally unable to type any descriptions.  I’m so glad that I can finally share a couple stories and a few pictures of our precious little boy.


We went to Puerto Rico a couple weeks ago for the wedding of two of our friends.  It was so nice to be there for such a beautiful wedding and to enjoy some nice warm weather before winter really sets in.  E’s favorite part was swimming in the pool.  Doesn’t he look so cute in his swim trunks, shirt & hat?  I think he looks like he is ready to go hiking through the desert with that hat on. 

 11.01.2010 028

11.01.2010 045 11.01.2010 048 11.01.2010 046

I like to call this picture 3 men and a baby.  This is a picture of E, J and two of J’s buddies from college.  We were surprised to learn that all of J’s friends have nick-named E “Harry” which we have found to be quite fitting and have even adopted it ourselves. 

11.01.2010 047

This was the view from our room, isn’t it gorgeous?

11.01.2010 02511.01.2010 057

Here is E having a bit of star fruit.

11.01.2010 050

E eating carrots with daddy.

11.01.2010 06011.01.2010 054

Our sleep little angle napping on the couch in our room.

11.01.2010 068

J and I before going to the wedding.  The dress I’m wearing, I wore the night before our wedding a 1 1/2 earlier.  Not bad, actually I was pretty proud of myself that I was able to fit into the dress again.  Of course that feeling was ruined today when a lady in the elevator at work asked if was pregnant.

 11.01.2010 064

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Blogging Update…..

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I haven’t abandoned this blog, or doing regular updates.  My computer is currently broken.  To be more descriptive the “T”, “F”, “C” & “R” keys no longer work on my laptop.  You might think…4 broken keys, no big deal!  Then try typing and you will see how important those four keys are.  I’m hoping cyber-Monday will treat me well and that I’ll have a new computer soon.

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What’s cooking?

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We made peas 4 E, these where made by steaming organic frozen peas.  I love how bright green they are.  Much prettier than the regular jarred peas.

11.01.2010 001 11.01.2010 002

See how happy E looks eating them!

 11.01.2010 004

He has only eaten a couple times but he already loves to hold the spoon.

11.01.2010 007

E isn’t the only one eaten good….take a look a these two awesome meals J whipped up.  An open face sirloin burgers and spinach lasagna

11.01.2010 003

11.01.2010 009

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Our little pirate loved his sword!  “I’m ready to go swash-buckling”.

 10.01.2010 212


Here we are after the Halloween Parade at E’s school10.01.2010 217


Here is E with Brittany, one of his favorite teachers. 10.01.2010 220

J and I attempted some pumpkin carving….J was very proud when one of the trick-or-treaters said we had the coolest pumpkins.  I must say, I’m very impressed with J’s, mine wasn’t nearly as good, I just don’t have the patience that he has.

10.01.2010 227

10.01.2010 232


Thank you John & Tara for coming over and helping us pass out candy do the trick-or-treaters!

10.01.2010 23410.01.2010 237

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Obviously E gets his love of pirates from his father!  Surrender the booty!!!

  10.01.2010 239 10.01.2010 249

Pretty much every Halloween I can remember ended with me crying.  Due to a bad history with this holiday, except for the candy part, I’ve avoided celebrating Halloween.  This Halloween was so wonderful because we had our little one to share it with and start some new traditions.

10.01.2010 243

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