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Standing Still

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Sitting or standing still in nothing that our little E does.  From the moment he wakes up till the moment he goes to sleep he is in motion.  He is crawling, cruising, pulling-up, and pushing anything that will slide along the floor.  We regularly have the TV on while E is around, but he has never once been interested in sitting still long enough to watch it. That is why I was so surprised, when he was perched on the back of his chair to look out the window to watch J mow the lawn. He must have stood there and watched J for a 1/2 hour straight.  I’ve never seen him more focused or interested in something.  What can I say??….That boy loves his Daddy!!


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Action Packed Weekend

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My family was in town from California this weekend.  It was a busy few days food, full of fun and firsts.  They got  into town late on Wednesday night so the real fun didn’t start until Thursday afternoon when my sister R and step-dad L, hung-out with me and E for the afternoon. 

Here are E and L, during there first few moments getting reacquainted.


First stop….food, the 4 of us went to Yeah! Burger in the Highlands. E and I spilt a hot dog and a beat and goat cheese salad.  You read it right, E likes beats and goat cheese.

IMG_1249 IMG_1250

With a full belly E was ready to ride around in his stroller.


For dinner we went to Antico….it was crazy good .  E enjoyed the pizza.  R hid from the camera, and J and I happily posed for a self portrait.

     IMG_1260 IMG_1261 IMG_1262

Friday, mom and I spent the day at a knitting convention learning new techniques and how to fix mistakes, sadly I don’t have any pictures of us knitting…I know you are disappointed.  Just in case you are curious, no I wasn’t the youngest person at the knitting convention.


On Saturday morning after a trip to the Thumbs Up dinner we went to our neighborhood Easter Party.  The park was full of kids, but without any effort E found his best buddy J and the two boys proceeded to monopolize the the slid.

 IMG_1263 IMG_1264   IMG_1267

We don’t have pictures to prove it, but Saturday turned out to be full of first for E, he got his first band-aid and his first bloody nose.  He cut his finger while he was at breakfast, it didn’t bother him one bit, but it bled like crazy.  Later in the afternoon he was standing and then lost his balance fell forward and hit his nose, and much to my surprise had a bloody nose.  Poor guy!


Before E’s Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt left town we took a couple pictures. 

Here is his as Grandma rocks him to sleep.


O and Aunt R, it is hard to believe she is my baby-sister.  I remember holding her when she was E’s size.


Family picture, E isn’t in it because he is taking the picture….just kidding, he was taking a nap.


Sunday night we had J’s parents, M & M over for dinner.

Got to love E’s spaghetti covered face.


The boys playing after dinner.


J with both boys!


E definitely looks ups to Little J,he is always trying to play with whatever J is playing with.


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A confession…

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I must confess, I’ve been avoiding my computer.  It wasn’t intentional, it was a subconscious decision.  I feel like if I’m at my computer and my taxes haven’t been filed then I should be working on my taxes and not doing fun stuff like blogging.  So I’ve been avoiding my computer.  Tonight I worked on my taxes, so I’m treating myself (and you) to a little blogging.  The last couple weeks have been fairly low key.  Last week we had some big storms come through Atlanta, there were lots of trees down in our neighborhood, including one that hit our neighbors house.  Luckily we had our enormous dead tree removed from our backyard two summers ago, so our property is pretty safe.


The Master’s was this weekend so E wore the shirt J got him last year to celebrate the start of the tournament.   IMG_0979


On Thursday evening we had an impromptu visit from our next door neighbor J, right before bedtime.  Can you believe these boys have matching pajamas?  I promise this wasn’t planned.  It was a major challenge to get both boys to look at me at one time.

IMG_1038 IMG_1039


On Sunday we went to a play group with couple moms from my Prenatal Yoga Class.  It is hard to believe that we were all very pregnant a year ago at this time and it is even harder to believe how much they have gone up over the last year.  Here is E with his friend S.  Aren’t they just too cute for words?  I failed to get a picture of the cute little girl that was also there.  Ugh, that camera never makes it out fast enough. IMG_1227

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