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First Haircut

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Following E’s birthday party we put him down for a nice long nap.  After waking up we quickly scooped him into the car and headed to Pigtails & Crewcuts.  We figured if he was rested and we let him eat his afternoon snack while getting his haircut that should give the hairdresser 10 good minutes to do her magic.  Everything went to plan.  He patiently let her cut his hair while he ate his “space man” food.


First he surveyed the environment.


  His chair of choice was a police car.  hair3

Focused on eating!!!  Seriously those squeeze packets are one of E’s favorite things. 

He lights up whenever he sees one. hair4Already feeling more handsome.


Proud Parents

hair5 We think of E as the kid with 1,000 facial expressions.  I think these last two pictures depict why. 


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Construction Party

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At the beginning of June we threw a E a small construction themed birthday party at the park near our house.  I think E enjoyed his special day.



One of the last pictures of E with his long locks. 


I love this picture of E and his Dad.  My two handsome boys, aren’t I a lucky girl?


E didn’t waste anytime diving into his smash cake.



Feeding cake to Mommy!


I love this picture of J.  Pure joy, E makes J light up!  All of these awesome pictures were taken by my Sister S….thank you for capturing all of these moments for us. 


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Almost Complete

Posted on June 26, 2011. Filed under: home improvement |

After 3 weeks of work, the deck is almost complete. We are just waiting for our lights to arrive so we can have the electrical work completed.  To get to this stage we had many steps backwards, and a variety of work had to be redone.  Had I written this blog a week ago, I would have shared many of the frustrations J and I were struggling with, but with the project complete, all of the challenges are out of my mind.  The deck is huge, even bigger than we ever imagined.  It makes our yard so much more useable.  We are planning getting a grill, dinning table and seating area.  We have essentially added two new rooms to our house.   IMG_2748 IMG_2749

Here is E breaking in the new deck.

IMG_2750 IMG_2752

E showing of he patented T-Rex walk.  He always keeps his hands up nice and high when he is walking.


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Progress Finally…

Posted on June 15, 2011. Filed under: home improvement |

We failed our initial inspection on the 8th, the inspector wanted to see the rebar in the hole and also the plans needed to be on the worksite.  The contractor told us it is hit or miss if the inspector just wants to see an empty hole or if they want to see the rebar it also, all depends on the inspector.  As of Friday the rebar was in the footing holes and we were waiting for another inspection.  The second inspection occurred yesterday.  Today some cement was poured into the footings.  Due to the stormy weather tonight, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the current progress.  Originally, we were optimistic that the deck would be completed in a week.  Then we became realistic and realized it would take two weeks.   Now we are defeated and think it will take at least 3 weeks to complete.  After taking 8 weeks to get through the initial permitting process we shouldn’t be surprised.


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Day 3… We Wait

Posted on June 8, 2011. Filed under: home improvement |

Forgive me for how dark these pictures are.  I forgot to take my daily update photo until till was too late.  The platform is now full size, a full 520 square feet, to me it looks like a dance floor.  Many of our neighbors have stopped by and taken a look what we are having built.  You might even say they have deck envy. 




This is an example of one of the many holes we are waiting to have inspected by the city.  If they say it is deep enough, the builders can pour the concrete, attach the platform to the footing with 6” x6” posts, add deck rails, run lighting and do the finishing touches on the deck, but until then we wait.


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Construction…..Day Two

Posted on June 7, 2011. Filed under: home improvement |

What a difference a day makes???  They will have the platform complete tomorrow and then we will just be waiting on getting the piers inspected.  Basically someone from the city is going to come out and look at the 6 or 8 holes they dug in the ground and certify that they are deep enough.  Sounds pretty simple to me, but based on our previous experience with city permitting and inspections, I’m sure it will take forever.


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Posted on June 6, 2011. Filed under: home improvement |

Today the construction of our new deck finally started.  We have spent 10 weeks in permitting and planning waiting for the construction to begin.  When completed the deck will be just about 520 square feet, almost half the size of ur house!.


 IMG_2031 IMG_2032


IMG_2058 IMG_2061  IMG_2063 IMG_2064 

We were shocked to see how big the deck is.  The portion pictured here is only the first half.  Right now the deck is only 26 X 10, but the final size will be 26 X 20.  We are so excited to have a great outdoor entertaining space. 

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A Year in Review

Posted on June 1, 2011. Filed under: E, pictures, stats |

It is so hard to believe that an entire year has passed.  In true household form we are going to stretch this birthday celebration out for a few more days of blogging entries.


Stats:  E had his one year appointment today he weighs 21 3/4 lbs and 29 1/2 inches tall.

05.30.2010 00306.20.2010 025

07.01.2010 00108.01.2010 043 09.01.2010 136 10.01.2010 196 11.01.2010 075IMG_5038 IMG_5584IMG_0578 IMG_0744 IMG_1646


After looking through these pictures, I have two major observations.  E’s smile and hair have gotten big!!

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