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Greek God

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Today at E’s school they had an event to celebrate different cultures.  Each class was turned into a different country and then they used passports to travel to the other countries and learn about other cultures.  As you may have guessed from they title E’s class was Greece.  In honor of their Greek “culture” they wore togas.  It was so freaking cute seeing all of the little ones in his class wearing their togas.  Toga, Toga, To-ga!




IMG_3213 IMG_3207

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16 Months

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Happy 16 Month Birthday E.  This has been a fun month.  He is really picking up and attempting a lot of words.  On command he will say Jay (his friend next door), Snack, Car, Ball, and Side (which is Outside).  He also will Moo like a cow and if you ask him about an airplane he will point up.  I have no idea how he learned that, I can’t remember a single time that we have seen a plane in the air and I’ve pointed it out to him.  Must be something they have taught him at school,  good that makes me feel like we are getting our monies worth.  :)  As with everyday in the last 16 months, each day is a new adventure.  For example tonight he escaped me while I was trying to change his diaper and peed and pooped on the floor….twice!!!  He is fast and strong and easily escapes me.

IMG_3195IMG_3197 IMG_3198

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When Grandma Comes to Town

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When my mom comes to town everyone is exhausted when the weekend is over.  This most recent visit wasn’t any different than her pervious visits.  In fact on Sunday I asked my mom if she wanted to stay a day or two longer and she said “No, I’m too tired, you wore me out”.  I said “I feel the same way”.  Anyway, here is a quick run down of the weekend.  First we wore out E by taking him to Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.  He loved it!  We were there from 10 – 2:30.  Despite the fact he played for two hours beyond his normal nap time, we had a very hard time peeling him out of there.  He had an unbelievable time…we will definitely go back.

Painting…I think he painted at least 3 times.


Playing with “Moon” Sand…this was E’s favorite activity.


Grandma crawling through the mole hill


Saturday and Sunday were spent working on the deck.  We went to Garden Ridge, Ace Hardware & Home Depot.  J in the mean time went to JC Penny’s and picked up the sectional couch we ordered over Labor Day weekend.  Waiting till the end of the season really paid off, we got lots of great deals. 

Before we unpacked the couch


The first furniture arrangement (O’s suggestion).


The second and final arrangement (J’s suggestion).


The chairs holding a space our table, which will be arriving in a couple days.


Our little gardener.  I wish I could have captured a photo of the dirt particles in his eyelashes. 


After all of our hard work, this is how the deck looks.


 IMG_3099 IMG_3097

Helping Daddy with yard work.


Oh, and there are no pictures to prove it, but we took E to the Waffle House for the first time.  He loved it, I’m certain he gave us “why haven’t you brought me here before?” look.

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15 Months

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J and I feel like we have been going through life with our hair on fire.  I really think this is the only time I’ve sat down and taken a rest over the last month.  Even when I’m “resting” I’m blogging, I’m not convinced that it really counts toward rest.  Anyway, on to the main event…our little guy.  This picture was taken in the calm before the storm, just after his bath on Monday night.  On Tuesday his bottom, thighs and feet were covered in a rash/blisters.  He had “Hand, Foot & Mouth”….not to be confused with “Hoof & Mouth” or “Mad Cow Disease”.  After a few days of pain, E seems to be feeling much better.  On Wednesday we had his 15 month appointment.  He weighs 25 pounds and at 30 1/2 inches tall, he is already half of my height! 

In other news, E is picking up lots of new words and sounds.  He growls like a lion, barks like a dog, meows and oinks.  He knows the signs for Daddy, dog, please, more, all done, milk & hat.  As for spoken words there has been many added since last month.  He says shoe, all done, more, dada & mama.  One of big surprises this month was when I asked him to go get his shoes and he walked from his room to the kitchen picked up his shoes and brought them to me.  Some of E’s favorite things to do are to cook by “stirring” in bowls, playing hide and seek, and coloring.  Everyday we are surprised by how much he is changing and going from being a baby to a little boy.

IMG_3007IMG_3014 IMG_3012 IMG_3011

My Boys…aren’t they handsome.


Bartending?? Or Lost in Desert???


Dishwasher Basket Racing

IMG_3001 IMG_3000

Showing Off


IMG_2997IMG_2993 IMG_2992

Showing off his artistic skills.


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