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20 Months

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20 Months, that is how long it took for E to become a “Big Boy”.

In the past month E has displayed so many big boy attributes.

He has held a girl’s hand.

They grabbed hands in the parking garage going to school and held all the way through the elevator ride.

You can’t blame him, L is so cute.



On the night of the Super Bowl, he got a bloody nose.

He shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

It looks than it was, the mess on his shirt is from making Valentines.


He stayed the night at our neighbors house, he left our house and walked next store.

He did look back twice to say good-bye, but never shed a tear about us leaving him.

They had make your own pizzas that night for dinner,

so it is no surprise that E was eager to go to their house.

Here are E and J reading books before going to sleep.

IMG_0234 IMG_0237

Despite turning into such a little man,

every once in a while when he is snuggled up with his blanket,

I remember he will always be my baby.

IMG_3832 IMG_3833

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19 Months

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FYI….I just found this Blog in my Live Writer.  I guess I wrote it a few weeks ago, but never posted it….


 IMG_3708 IMG_3709 


E is almost 20 months old, so I better get his 19 month picture and update out before it is too late.  It is the story of my life lately, everything is late.  I find I’m spending more time working at night after E goes to sleep, so I haven’t been blogging nearly enough at all.  No worries, I’m not aware of any remaining regular readers, so I don’t have to worry about people hanging on my every word, or lack there of.


Per usual E is awesome.  He adds more words everyday.  He is the biggest little helper.  He loves to clean so much, he will make a mess just for the chance to clean it up.  When we were home for MLK day, we spent half the day vacuuming because that is what he wanted to do.  He also loves anything in the kitchen.  It is a tough task, it requires two sets of watching eyes and quick hands to get anything accomplished in the kitchen while E “helps” us.


After a  couple weeks of struggling to get E to bed, he is back to basically putting himself to bed without a peep it is amazing.


E moved to a new “big kid” class at school, which he absolutely loves.  There is a dramatic play area with a kitchen and lot of fun big kid toys.  The transition from his Infant to Early Toddler class was hard, he cried everyday for 2 weeks, but he barely batted an eye when we moved him from the Early Toddler to Toddler class.

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