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Week 2 – E2

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Each week E2 is showing us more of his little personality.  He continues to  be a great eater and his sleeping improves nightly.


Here are some of the boys.

Love E2’s yawning face. 

Also, I can’t believe how strong E2 is, look at what a good job he does picking up his head.


E2 with Grandma.  Grandma was with us for 2 weeks.  It was awesome.  I cried when she left.

The good news is she left us with a freezer stocked full of cookies.

E1 has a very original way of eating an apple.  I think his leg is an important part of the process.


A pirate and his first mate.


Hands crossed, he looks like such a little man.


Hilarious picture of the E’s. Don’t worry E2 isn’t being hurt.

I think the funniest part is that our old camera was so slow, E1 has a habit of holding his “cheese” face.

It will take a while to undo that habit and teach him to smile for pictures now that we have a faster camera.


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Week 1 – E2

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We have made it through our first 2 weeks as a family of 4.  These are E2’s 1 week photos, his two week photos will be posted soon.

After taking a long hiatus from recording family events, I’m going to try to do a better job for the next few months….at least while I’m on maternity leave.

E1 is adjusting to being a big brother.  He is always concerned about where E2 is, and what he is doing.  Each morning he asks if he can see his baby.

E2 is a very different baby than E1.  E1 came out sleeping for a long 4 or 5 hour stretch each night an eating pretty much every 3 hours.  E2 might sleep for a 3 hours at night if we are lucky.  He often wants to eat every hour.  Getting E2 on a schedule will be a lot harder than it was to get E1 on a schedule.  E2 is very snuggly and sleeps best when he is held.  I’m hoping as he gains weight it will get a little easier.

Speaking of gaining weight, E2 gained 9 ozs in 3 days after initially loses 10 ozs and was back up to his birth weight by the end of his first week.DSC_0201 

DSC_0203 DSC_0205

Here are some random pictures from our first week.





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