Family Tradition

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How many times in a row does something have to be done to make it a tradition?  I think it only takes doing something two times in a row with an intention to do it again to make it a tradition.  It seems that with Ethan a new family tradition has been officially started.  To really explain what I’m talking about, I have to go back (imagine a time warp) to when I was a baby.  My grandmother knitted, or more accurately, croqueted a socking for me.  It is the only stocking I’ve ever known or used.  Without that stocking it just isn’t Christmas.  Stockings are important in my family.  Not just a place to receive an orange, gum or a toothbrush, but often the place were you would receive your best gift.  In our family we know that good things come in small packages, so the stocking is often the most eagerly anticipated part of Christmas.

Here is my stocking


Thanksgiving 2009, I was just 12 weeks pregnant and was in California for the holiday, my mom handed me a book of knitted stockings and asked me to to pick out a stocking for our baby to be.  At that moment it became a tradition, my grandma knitted me my stocking and then E was to have his stocking knitted by his grandma.  Then the realization set in, I’m going to have to get my knitting skills up so that someday I can knit a stocking for my grandchild.  The good news is that I have time, based on my best estimates I have at least 20-30 years.  As I hold my 7 month old that is a pretty wild thing to think about.

Here is E’s stocking


Lastly, here are some shots of us on Christmas morning opening E’s stocking and then stuffing him inside of it.  I figured this is the one and only time in his life that he will fit inside of his stocking.

IMG_5003 IMG_5006

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Christmas Competition

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It is going to take few days to blog about all of our Christmas vacation activities, but I’m going to take the liberty of being the editor and chief and start with the end.  On Christmas night we had a Gingerbread House decorating competition between R (O’s sister), S (O’s sister), K (S’s Husband), O & J.  It was a fierce competition.  We was really impressed with everyone’s creativity and execution.  It was J and my first year to participate and I think everyone was very surprised that we were so competitive despite not participating last year.  Prior to arriving we asked my mom for preprinted rules on allowable materials and time limits.  Since they were unable to provide us with a rule book, we took it upon ourselves to push the limits of the competition and purchase our own outside materials.  This decision was not appreciated by the other participants, but we think they will be stepping up their game next year and bringing their own supplies also.

In advance O’s mom baked and assembled the houses.

  IMG_4973 IMG_4974

The finished products.

O’s House – “Red Roof Inn” – Best Use of Round Materials


R’s House – Best Use of Snow


S’s House – Best Landscaping


J’s House – Best Use of a Variety of Materials


K’s House – “Under Construction” – Best Theme


On the Judging Table


Godzilla coming to smash the houses!!!


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