When Grandma Comes to Town

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When my mom comes to town everyone is exhausted when the weekend is over.  This most recent visit wasn’t any different than her pervious visits.  In fact on Sunday I asked my mom if she wanted to stay a day or two longer and she said “No, I’m too tired, you wore me out”.  I said “I feel the same way”.  Anyway, here is a quick run down of the weekend.  First we wore out E by taking him to Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.  He loved it!  We were there from 10 – 2:30.  Despite the fact he played for two hours beyond his normal nap time, we had a very hard time peeling him out of there.  He had an unbelievable time…we will definitely go back.

Painting…I think he painted at least 3 times.


Playing with “Moon” Sand…this was E’s favorite activity.


Grandma crawling through the mole hill


Saturday and Sunday were spent working on the deck.  We went to Garden Ridge, Ace Hardware & Home Depot.  J in the mean time went to JC Penny’s and picked up the sectional couch we ordered over Labor Day weekend.  Waiting till the end of the season really paid off, we got lots of great deals. 

Before we unpacked the couch


The first furniture arrangement (O’s suggestion).


The second and final arrangement (J’s suggestion).


The chairs holding a space our table, which will be arriving in a couple days.


Our little gardener.  I wish I could have captured a photo of the dirt particles in his eyelashes. 


After all of our hard work, this is how the deck looks.


 IMG_3099 IMG_3097

Helping Daddy with yard work.


Oh, and there are no pictures to prove it, but we took E to the Waffle House for the first time.  He loved it, I’m certain he gave us “why haven’t you brought me here before?” look.

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Organization Project #2

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Two weeks ago, we did our first big home maximization project when we fixed our master bedroom closet.  The outcome of that project got us feeling so good about our little house, that we decided to tackle another project this weekend.  The laundry room off of our kitchen, which I lovingly refer to has my “Home Economy” room was no longer working for us.  It had become a dumping ground for papers that never got filed (because there was no place to file them), unfinished projects and anything else that didn’t have a “home” elsewhere.  Basically this room had become our junk drawer.  I’m very embarrassed at what this room had become, but sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can recover.


First thing Saturday morning we packed up and headed to Ikea to find something to replace those terrible drawers.  They came with the house and I’ve hated them since we moved in.  They are big and deep, so once you put something in them, there is a slim chance that you will ever find it again.  Also, it is hard to tell from this angle but the drawers took up a huge amount of space in the room.

Here is the star of the show (E) enjoying watching mommy and daddy eat breakfast at the Ikea cafe.  You have to have proper nutrition before venturing into the marketplace and making organizational decisions.  Those Swedes, they sure are smart!


Here is E in the back seat of the car on the way home from Ikea, this picture doesn’t do it justice but our little car was so full of flat pack boxes that we had to move E’s stroller into the back seat, that is large orange object to the left of E’s head.  I would have thought with all of the planning that goes into designed those flat packages that all of the Ikea furniture come it, that they would have made sure that they fit inside of my Swedish car without too much effort…Ugh.IMG_5290

J, put together all of the hard stuff (a file cabinet and 2 shelving units), but E and I put together the 4 storage boxes to go in the shelving units.  I was able to assemble the boxes while getting “assistance” from E which means that they are pretty easy to assemble.  Good thing, because E destroyed the directions with drool before I could read them.  These storage boxes seem pretty tough, they were able to stand-up to E’s drool without becoming soggy.

IMG_5301 IMG_5303

IMG_5305 IMG_5307

IMG_5308 IMG_5309

J’s portions were a lot more complicated.  My job while he completed the assembly was to keep E out of the construction area, now that E is scooting around this is a much tougher job than you would think.  1filing cabinet, 2 shelving units, 1 initial trip and 2 return trips to Ikea and J said “he was all Ikea-ed out”.  While assembling the first item he was so impressed by the ingenuity, but by the end he was tired of putting stuff together.

 IMG_5314 IMG_5315

When doing organizational projects, things always get worse before they get better, but you must persevere.  At this point we took a break and watch an episode of Hoarders.  That was enough motivation continue working on our little project and throw away/donate non essential items.

IMG_5316 IMG_5317 

Here is how it looks tonight.  They old set of drawers came all they way out to the windowsill so from the side angle photo you can see how we gained a whole bunch of space.  Much better, it is like a breath of fresh air.  There are places to file papers and to store items.  Two organizational projects done, many more to go.

  IMG_5334 IMG_5335

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New Year….New Closet

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For the last 4 months this is what the end of our bed has looked like.  It drives both of us crazy, but our mini-closet was filled to capacity, so we have ignored the issue like an elephant in the room.  It all goes back to last spring when we converted our second bedroom into a nursery.  Prior to it being Ethan’s room I used the closet in the second bedroom to store my clothes and J used the bedroom closet for his.  It wasn’t too much of an issue initially because I just packed away all of my clothes in vacuum seal bags to be stored in the basement.  We were easily able to fit my limited maternity wardrobe in the closet along with J’s clothes.  So when I went back to work this fall we had to bring out all of my clothes from the vacuum seal bags and ever since then I’ve had a problem finding adequate storage in our itty bitty room and closet.

IMG_5047 - Copy IMG_5052

The beginning of a new year has motivated both J and me to do some mini-projects around the house to make it more enjoyable and functional.  So on Saturday night J installed a new fancy-schmancy closet organizer from Home Depot.  (Merry Christmas and thank you very much for a Home Depot Gift Cards!!) It is almost exactly the same as the one we installed in E’s room, but the shelving system is a little bit narrower which gives us a few more inches of hanging space.  As you can see, E was eager to help his daddy install the new shelving unit.   

  IMG_5053 IMG_5054

As is often the case when doing organizational projects…..things first got much, much worse before they got better.


While most of the major drilling and hammering was going on during the installation process, E was sleeping on the other side of this wall.  He didn’t seem to mind one bit.  So far I’ve succeeded at one of my parenting goals….raising a baby that isn’t sensitive to noise.  Here is how the storage unit looked once it was stalled.  It might be hard to tell in these photos, but the shelves to right are wide enough for folder sweaters and shirts.

IMG_5059 IMG_5060

From an outsiders perspective they might not look that different, but the changes are major to us, we now have more hanging space and more space for folded items.  Also, now that we are better able to see what is in our closet we were able to thin the herd a little bit, and get rid of some stuff.  It is a huge relief to finally have enough space to put everything away.  Now when I get home actually hang my closes up instead adding them to pile at the end of the bed!


Before & After

  IMG_5049 - CopyIMG_5063

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Finishing Touches

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Over the last couple months we’ve done a few arts and crafts in order to create some personalized touches for Baby OJ’s room.  Back in March we created a memory board by gluing two pieces of foam board together, then we put a thin layer of batting over the top and then covered it with fabric.  Then we glued the ribbon and stitched on the buttons at all of the intersection points.  Both J and I are really impressed with the finished product.

2010 005 2010 007  

 2010 009 Nursery 039 

This was a super easy craft project, we lined the drawers with wrapping paper left over from Baby OJ’s showers.  Lining the drawers was a sentimental project for me because I can still remember the drawer’s of my childhood dresser which were also lined with wrapping paper leftover from a baby shower thrown for my mom.

Nursery (1)

Nursery (4)

Lastly we hung up some picture frames.  All of the frames are from Ikea, we filled each frame with artwork which we created using ribbon, cards, wrapping paper and tissue paper that was left over from both of Baby OJ’s showers.  Per usual, I’m the idea portion of the team, and did the layout of the frames.  J is the execution portion.  He did all of the precise measuring to make sure all of the frames were evenly spaced and level.  He used the 3M Command Strips to hang the frames, both of us were really impressed with how well they work, and as promised they didn’t damage the paint job.

Nursery 35 Nursery 37

 Nursery 26  Nursery 28

Nursery 040Nursery 33

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Storage Baskets

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We purchased these baskets at Ikea and a couple of yards of fabric that match the bedding fabric.  O cut all of the fabric to line the baskets, but it took her mom coming into town to actually get them sewn together.  O can sew, but having mom do it is so much faster and comes out so much better.  If you are wondering who the woman is at the sewing machine, she specifically requested not to be pictured on the blog!

ikea storage basketO's Mom Sewing Basket Liners 

Basket with a Liner

The finished product.  A Target storage unit with four lined Ikea baskets.  We can’t wait to fill the baskets up with lots of little things for Baby OJ.Storage Unit With Lined Baskets

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Table Lamp

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We started with a plain white lampshade, my mom stitched two ribbons together then J displayed his hot-glue-gun skills and attached the ribbon to the lamp.  J’s quote of the day was “there not much you can’t do with a hot-glue-gun and some ribbon”. 

Nursery (6)Nursery (7)

Nursery (8) Lamp

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Mirror Mirror….

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One of our pre-baby arrival goals is to finish our bedroom.  We still have two tasks to finish (new blinds,a closet organizer and a couple shelves to hold books), but getting a mirror was a major step towards finishing the room.  I’m not exaggerating when I say we have been looking for a mirror for 6 months.  We have been to HomeGoods, Home Depot and TJ Maxx on average of once a weekend for the last 6 months.  This is usually how it went.  J would find a mirror he liked, I would say it was too big.  I would find a mirror I liked, J would say it is too small.  If we found one we both agreed on J would inspect the corners and find it was severely dented and scratched.  Well as luck should have it we found a mirror that we could both agree on at Home Depot last weekend and after thoroughly inspecting it still met our high quality standards.  Both of us were in shock, after 6 months of looking, we were actually buying a mirror.  It is amazing how much the addition of the mirror really finished off the area over our dresser.


2010 034



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Nursery Update…

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This weekend we hung the window treatments and light fixture in Baby OJ’s room.  We are really pleased with how both of the projects turned out. 

I’m sorry that the first two pictures are so dark, it was too light out when I took the photos.  We purchased the top portion of the fabric from Javis Davis, which is the same site we ordering the bedding from.  We picked up the white seersucker on the bottom and the ribbon from Hancock Fabrics.  I helped with the cutting and design and my mom did all of the sewing.  J did the hanging and cut the wooden dowels down to size.

2010 0312010 032

2010 0362010 038 

As for the light fixture we were in a quandary over what would be the appropriate light fixture for the room that would “go” and not be too feminine or masculine.  Luckily O’s Mom had the “wision” or vision and came up with the following idea.  It turned out perfect!  We purchased a cloth light fixture from Ikea.  O’s Mom took the original fabric off of the “bones” of the light fixture and then recreated the fabric portion using some fabric that matches the crib skirt.  J is the one that installed the light and managed to make the 1950’s wiring work with a 2010 light.  I’m continually impressed with how handy he is!!!

 2010 023 2010 024

 2010 025 2010 026

 2010 028 2010 027

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Sneak Peak

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As predicted this weekend was exhausting for everyone involved.  I contend that my mother has more energy than anyone and she seems that she thinks the same thing about me.  We manage to push each other to work ourselves to the bone.  Here is a summary of the things we accomplished this weekend.  We shopped until we dropped on Friday which included 3 hours at Ikea, purchasing a mattress for the crib, going to Lenox and Phipps. On Saturday we went to a shower put on by some family friends to celebrate the induction of the new grandmas.  The company, weather and food were fantastic, especially the coconut cake!!  Baby OJ is already spoiled with love and hasn’t even arrived yet.  Following the shower we met up with J and continued hunting for a rug, baskets, fabric and other items needed to finish the room.  Around 6 PM we retuned to the house and started working on our crafting projects.  We created a memory board and started working on a light fixture.  On Sunday morning we finished the light fixture before going to brunch at Rosebud (if you are looking for a fantastic meal, you need not look any farther).  With our bellies full we returned home to make two window treatments and cut fabric for basket liners.  My mom was determined to finish the window treatments before leaving town.  She accomplished her goal with a half hour to spare and used her last minutes in town to repair two pairs of J’s pants and put a new waist band on mine.  Seriously, there isn’t anything she can’t do!!!  I know after reading about all we accomplished you are probably anxious to see the final pictures, and trust me we are anxious to share the final results but we aren’t quite ready to do the big reveal of Baby OJ’s room yet.  We are so proud of the work we accomplished this weekend we can’t help but share a “sneak peak”.

2010 0192010 020

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Nursery….starting To Come Together

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Baby OJ’s crib and dresser were delivered on Monday.  When we ordered the furniture we had a plan for the layout of the furniture in the room, upon delivery O decided that she didn’t like the original plan.  That being said, the current placement of the furniture in the pictures below isn’t going to be the final resting spot. It really feels like the room is starting to come together.  There are still many odd ends needed but all of the big pieces are in place.  We are certain that Baby OJ is going to love their room!! 


2010 0522010 054

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