Rocket Surgery

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On Saturday J and I ventured out to inspect baby gear.  Specifically we were focused on strollers.  In preparation, we had done the cursory read through the strollers section of the Baby Bargains book.  Then we headed to Babies R’ Us.  As we were walking through the parking lot we spotted someone pushing a stroller that we knew we were interested in, but also knew that they didn’t carry it at BRU.  Being the uninhibited people that we are we stalked the lady down and then cornered her and asked how she liked the stroller, she gave it a glowing review, but due to the fact that her baby was in the stroller she didn’t do a full folding and unfolding demonstration, she did tell us that they have the stroller at Bellini on Roswell Road.  After a brief Q and A session, we went to the stroller section and decided to look at some of the other strollers that are featured in the book.  Model-67109_LargeWe spent the next hour attempting to fold and unfold strollers.  The conversation between us went something like this.  “This isn’t rocket surgery, it shouldn’t be that hard”.  “Don’t they have red tabs, or something that says ‘Pull Here’”.  “Are you sure they should allow us to have a child, we can’t even open a stroller”.  We finally gave in and asked an employee for help, he was able to quickly and easily demonstrate how to open and close a stroller for us.  Feeling less confident in our intellect and parenting abilities we went to CPK to get some nutrition.   After a few other stops we arrived at Bellini and the owner of the store did a quick demonstration of the Baby Jogger City Mini features.  We asked the most important, how do you fold it up.  He grabbed a handle in the seat of the stroller, lifted up, and without any effort it folded in half.  At that moment I heard J’s wallet creak open, he was sold.  He was even more impressed when he saw the sporty diaper bag attachment and “refreshment” cooler.  We left the store without a stroller but at least confident about which one we would like to get and also assured that we would be able to open and close it without receiving a PhD in mechanical engineering.

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