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Puerto Rico

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If you could see me now you would laugh, because I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop to the right of me and a keyboard that I barrowed from work on my lap.  Despite the funny set-up, I’m thankful because I can type!!!  I’ve had this blog created for at least a week with all of the pictures in order and ready to go, but I was totally unable to type any descriptions.  I’m so glad that I can finally share a couple stories and a few pictures of our precious little boy.


We went to Puerto Rico a couple weeks ago for the wedding of two of our friends.  It was so nice to be there for such a beautiful wedding and to enjoy some nice warm weather before winter really sets in.  E’s favorite part was swimming in the pool.  Doesn’t he look so cute in his swim trunks, shirt & hat?  I think he looks like he is ready to go hiking through the desert with that hat on. 

 11.01.2010 028

11.01.2010 045 11.01.2010 048 11.01.2010 046

I like to call this picture 3 men and a baby.  This is a picture of E, J and two of J’s buddies from college.  We were surprised to learn that all of J’s friends have nick-named E “Harry” which we have found to be quite fitting and have even adopted it ourselves. 

11.01.2010 047

This was the view from our room, isn’t it gorgeous?

11.01.2010 02511.01.2010 057

Here is E having a bit of star fruit.

11.01.2010 050

E eating carrots with daddy.

11.01.2010 06011.01.2010 054

Our sleep little angle napping on the couch in our room.

11.01.2010 068

J and I before going to the wedding.  The dress I’m wearing, I wore the night before our wedding a 1 1/2 earlier.  Not bad, actually I was pretty proud of myself that I was able to fit into the dress again.  Of course that feeling was ruined today when a lady in the elevator at work asked if was pregnant.

 11.01.2010 064

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What’s cooking?

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We made peas 4 E, these where made by steaming organic frozen peas.  I love how bright green they are.  Much prettier than the regular jarred peas.

11.01.2010 001 11.01.2010 002

See how happy E looks eating them!

 11.01.2010 004

He has only eaten a couple times but he already loves to hold the spoon.

11.01.2010 007

E isn’t the only one eaten good….take a look a these two awesome meals J whipped up.  An open face sirloin burgers and spinach lasagna

11.01.2010 003

11.01.2010 009

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Sweet ‘Taters

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We haven’t been eager to start feeding E “real” food.  To me it just seems like an additional task to worry about on top of the feedings I either conduct or prepare for each day.  At E’s 4 month appointment his pediatrician said that since he is gaining weight and sleeping well on his all milk diet there is not hurry to start introducing food.  That being said E has been showing a strong interest into whatever J and I are eating, so last weekend we decided to mix up some sweet potatoes for he’s first meal.  Since food at this point is solely for learning how to swallow and experiencing different tastes and textures, we keep feedings very low key.  E really enjoyed his first feeding.  He didn’t eat much at all but he sure did give us some big smiles and funny expressions as he held the sweet ‘taters in is mouth and moved it around without swallowing.

10.01.2010 185 10.01.2010 18410.01.2010 19010.01.2010 188

Do you like the pirate bib???  The bib is the very first thing J bought for E.  It was a Christmas present for E, back when he was still in my belly and we referred to him as Baby Pumpkin-Seed.  You can tell we are rookie parents because we started feeding him without a bid, after he started spitting out all of his food we decided to put a bib on him.

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Weekend With Grandma

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J went on his annual golf trip this weekend.  I wasn’t looking forward to being on my own for five days, so I invited my mom to come out from California so I could have some quality time with my mom and E could have some quality time with his grandma.  E and I were on our own for Wednesday and Thursday night for the first time (things went very smoothly).  I could bore you with the details, but instead I’ll just focus on the highlights.  Before I go into what we did this weekend, I should explain that my mom knows how to do everything.  She is basically superwoman.  So at 33 years old, she is still teaching me important life skills.


First things first she saved our plant!  We have a plant that we received as a gift for E’s birthday.  Between learning to be parents and the oppressive heat the plant was on it’s last leg.  While walking E around the outside of the house she found that condensation was coming out of a tube connected to our AC unit, by putting the tube in the plant she created an impromptu irrigation system.  The plant is already looking more perky. 

09.01.2010 101

She finished knitting a sweater for E!  It fits perfectly, I hoping cold weather will come soon, so he can start wearing it.  Isn’t it so cute?  The last sweater she knitted was 33 years ago for me!

09.01.2010 117 

We set up E’s Johnny Jump.  This was my favorite toy as an infant, and I’m certain it will be his also.

09.01.2010 097

Our biggest project of the weekend was a surprise for J.  We purchased a Webber Grill for him, and also a 10 pound turkey.  People typically only have turkey at holidays and big events so it seems a bit extravagant for a little family like ours, but it is actually perfect.  Not only will the meat be the base of 3 meals this weeks (sandwiches, pot-pie & enchiladas).  But we will also have leftover meat to freeze so that I can make soup once the weather get cooler.  As you can see E helped us assemble the grill.

09.01.2010 09609.01.2010 104

09.01.2010 09909.01.2010 107  

 09.01.2010 108 09.01.2010 109

 09.01.2010 112

Once we got the coals going we prepped the turkey by seasoning it on the inside with lots of salt and pepper and then massaged the outside with olive oil.  Mom told me it is very important to give the turkey a very good massage and to speak to it very nicely so that it was be extra delicious.  The picture below shows what a wonderful massage I gave the turkey.  Doesn’t the turkey looking happy, relaxed and ready to be cooked?

09.01.2010 11609.01.2010 119

Isn’t that a good looking bird?  Not bad for 2 hours of cooking.

09.01.2010 122 

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with Mom/Grandma.  E and I both loved getting to spend quality with Grandma Elane.  One of the most surprising and best benefits of having E, has been the additional time I’ve gotten to spend with my mom.

 09.01.2010 123

Grandma Elane, E and I love you and miss you!!

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