16 Months

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Happy 16 Month Birthday E.  This has been a fun month.  He is really picking up and attempting a lot of words.  On command he will say Jay (his friend next door), Snack, Car, Ball, and Side (which is Outside).  He also will Moo like a cow and if you ask him about an airplane he will point up.  I have no idea how he learned that, I can’t remember a single time that we have seen a plane in the air and I’ve pointed it out to him.  Must be something they have taught him at school,  good that makes me feel like we are getting our monies worth.  :)  As with everyday in the last 16 months, each day is a new adventure.  For example tonight he escaped me while I was trying to change his diaper and peed and pooped on the floor….twice!!!  He is fast and strong and easily escapes me.

IMG_3195IMG_3197 IMG_3198

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14 Months

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Our little guy’s personality continues to develop.  One of the new things is E likes is small places.  He likes them when he is happy and when he is throwing fits.  Here are pictures of two of his favorite hiding spots.  He loves the space between our bed and the wall.  I keep my body pillow folded up over there and E loves to sit on top of the pillow.  He giggles while we walk around the room pretending to look for him.

IMG_2931 IMG_2932

He also likes the space behind the recliner in his room. There is a Boppy pillow back there that he sits on while reading books.  Getting out of this spot can be very treacherous.

IMG_2938 IMG_2939 IMG_2847

When he isn’t hiding, he likes to hide stuff.  Look carefully at the picture on the left, you can see something peaking out of the bottom of the door, you can imagine our surprise when I opened the door and found a sizeable pile of feminine hygiene products.


Besides hiding stuff and hiding from us we are surprised each day by how much his understanding is increasing.  If he is hungry and we ask him if he wants to eat, he will stand by his highchair.  If we ask him if he wants to go outside he will stand by the front door.  He is even starting to locate his nose on demand and is trying to make animal noises.  He also knows a number of signs, his most regularly used sign right now is “please”. 

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First Haircut

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Following E’s birthday party we put him down for a nice long nap.  After waking up we quickly scooped him into the car and headed to Pigtails & Crewcuts.  We figured if he was rested and we let him eat his afternoon snack while getting his haircut that should give the hairdresser 10 good minutes to do her magic.  Everything went to plan.  He patiently let her cut his hair while he ate his “space man” food.


First he surveyed the environment.


  His chair of choice was a police car.  hair3

Focused on eating!!!  Seriously those squeeze packets are one of E’s favorite things. 

He lights up whenever he sees one. hair4Already feeling more handsome.


Proud Parents

hair5 We think of E as the kid with 1,000 facial expressions.  I think these last two pictures depict why. 


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Going to The North Pole…

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Okay, E didn’t actually go to the North Pole to see Santa Claus, but we did take him to Lenox Mall.  We went on Tuesday afternoon when there was a very short line, which was smart because our little E is a wiggle worm.  I don’t think he would have been patient enough to wait in a long line.  He wasn’t scared at all to sit Santa’s lap.  While J and I stood behind the cameraman and mad funny faces he just stared at us and then the guy behind the camera said “smile for Santa” and E gave us the biggest grin.  I’m not sure what we were expecting.  Maybe a crying, screaming child, but we certainly weren’t expecting a perfectly happy baby with a huge grin.  What can I say, E continues to keep us on our toes and surprise us.  We are certain that since E was such a good boy Santa is going to bring him exactly what he wants. 


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6 Months

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As of last Monday Big E is 6 months old.  We can’t believe a 1/2 of a year has already whizzed by us.  It is unbelievable how much he has grown and changed in such a short period of time.  Based on our best guess E weighs about 18 lbs, we will have exact numbers after his 6 month appointment on December 10th.  What really amazes me is just how much he has changed in the last month.  All of his drooling finally paid off and he cut two teeth.  J and are were sad to see his gummy smile go but we are enjoying his smile with his two itty bitty teeth.  He has worked on his sitting and now sits up so straight and tall and rarely topples over.  His hair is still growing, but the recent rain seems to have made his curls a little tighter.  In fact I’ve had a couple people ask me if we’ve gotten his hair cut.  We were putting off feeding him solids, but over the last month he has showed so much interest in our food an his classmates food at school that we finally gave in.  Here is the list of foods he has tried this month:  sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, peas, apples, bananas, pears, star fruit, avocado and zucchini.  He isn’t scooting yet, but is able to let you know what he wants so that you will bring it to him.  I think it is some sort of Jedi-mind trick.  E continues to discover his voice and has added a whole variety of noises to his repertoire this month.  The most prevalent is what we call the “teredactle” it is a high pitch screech.  He has a knack for breaking it out at the lease opportune time.  For example when most of his classmates are sleeping or while J and I were at the High Museum viewing the Dali exhibit.  He has also started making raspberry noises.  My very favorite noise is his giggle.  E is definitely starting to develop a since of humor and regularly laughs, not just smiles, when J and I make funny faces and noises. 


11.01.2010 076


11.01.2010 074 11.01.2010 08011.01.2010 078

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What’s cooking?

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We made peas 4 E, these where made by steaming organic frozen peas.  I love how bright green they are.  Much prettier than the regular jarred peas.

11.01.2010 001 11.01.2010 002

See how happy E looks eating them!

 11.01.2010 004

He has only eaten a couple times but he already loves to hold the spoon.

11.01.2010 007

E isn’t the only one eaten good….take a look a these two awesome meals J whipped up.  An open face sirloin burgers and spinach lasagna

11.01.2010 003

11.01.2010 009

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Sweet ‘Taters

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We haven’t been eager to start feeding E “real” food.  To me it just seems like an additional task to worry about on top of the feedings I either conduct or prepare for each day.  At E’s 4 month appointment his pediatrician said that since he is gaining weight and sleeping well on his all milk diet there is not hurry to start introducing food.  That being said E has been showing a strong interest into whatever J and I are eating, so last weekend we decided to mix up some sweet potatoes for he’s first meal.  Since food at this point is solely for learning how to swallow and experiencing different tastes and textures, we keep feedings very low key.  E really enjoyed his first feeding.  He didn’t eat much at all but he sure did give us some big smiles and funny expressions as he held the sweet ‘taters in is mouth and moved it around without swallowing.

10.01.2010 185 10.01.2010 18410.01.2010 19010.01.2010 188

Do you like the pirate bib???  The bib is the very first thing J bought for E.  It was a Christmas present for E, back when he was still in my belly and we referred to him as Baby Pumpkin-Seed.  You can tell we are rookie parents because we started feeding him without a bid, after he started spitting out all of his food we decided to put a bib on him.

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We Have a Sitter

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E is officially sitting.  He has been working on it for the last couple weeks.  Up until this weekend whichever direction his head went the rest of his body followed, so his sitting was very unstable at best.  Now he is able to lean over to pick a toy and then sit back up.


10.01.2010 179

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