38 Weeks and 1 Day….

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38 weeks and 1 day pregnant, at precisely at 10:30 PM last night I found my first two stretch marks.  They are both located right above my belly button and they hurt so I think they were formed recently.  How did I make it through 38 weeks without a single one and now, right at the end, they are choosing to form?

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When It Rains… It Pours….

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J, Baby OJ and I are currently being showered by family and friends.  Last Saturday my Atlanta girlfriends (aka my Urban Tribe) threw me a fantastic shower.  Every detail was perfect.  From the Baby OJ inspired citrus colored theme, to the sweet pockets cupcakes (same place that provided my reception cupcakes), to the orange, yellow and green M&M favors complete with J and my face on them.  The best part was having my friends and family in one place at one time.  While I was being showered with love and attention, Baby OJ was showered with essentials!!

If you look carefully at the M&M’s you can see our faces printed on them!

cupcakesShower 003

Action shots!

O action shotopening giftsgrandma

A handful of the shower guests.

O and family candid 

Me with the girl’s that threw the shower.

 girls candidgirls

 J doing his best Blue Steel, he stopped by after the shower was over to help collect Baby OJ’s goodies.

    Blue Steel

A gift from the shower hostesses we received our stroller.  Here is J with the stroller after he assembled it, it was so easy to assemble there wasn’t enough time for me to get an action shot of him putting it together.

J with the stroller

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Sublime Doughnuts

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Warning, reading this post may make you fatter.

I haven’t had very many “cravings” during my pregnancy.  I usually have a sweet tooth, it just seems to be a little bit stronger now.  In general I try not to give into every craving I have for sweets.  Instead I’ve focused on special occasion and event eating.  There is this wonderful doughnut shop in Atlanta, called Sublime Doughnuts, and they have the best doughnuts in town.  I’ve been wanting to go and indulge, but have been saving it for a special occasion.  This Saturday was just that special occasion.  My mom, grandma, and two of my sisters were in town to attend a baby shower that my girlfriends were throwing (more to come about the shower).  I knew I could count on them to enjoy and indulge in doughnuts with me.  Saturday morning bright and early we went to Sublime and purchased a dozen doughnuts.  Then we came back to the house and after a quick photo shoot we proceeded to inhale the doughnuts in about 2 minutes flat.  We cut each doughnut into 4 pieces so that we could each try a variety of flavors.

Doughnut eating tip, when you cut a doughnut before eating it, the calories fall out. 


Donuts From Left to Right:  Oreo (Cookies and Cream), A-Town Cream, Raspberry Filled Heart, Chocolate Wildberry Fritter, Smores, Orange Dream Star, Black & Tan, Dulce de Leche, Carmel Apple Fitter, Red Velvet Cake, Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie & Butterfinger.

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32 Weeks…..

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With my “due date” 8 weeks away, in may ways, I feel like the arrival of Baby OJ is right around the corner, but in other ways 8 weeks still seems like an eternity.  What is 8 weeks?  2 months.  1/6 of a year.  Both of those sound like pretty sizeable amounts of time to me.  The good news is that Baby OJ and I are still happily coexisting in my body.  The reality that he/she is much easier to take care of while inside of me outweighs any pain or discomfort I might experience while sharing my body with him/her.  That being said, my pain or discomfort is still to a minimum.  All in all I feel great, I’m still going to the gym 6 days a week and still sleeping through the night. 

Somehow my pregnancy brain kicked a week or so ago, and I managed to delete a couple of the belly shots from my camera before I uploaded them to the computer so there is a big break between the 1st and 2nd photo (and therefore a lot of visible growth).

27 Weeks 31 Weeks 32 Weeks

My face looks especially plump in the 3rd picture because J took the picture of me at 5:30 am before I went to the gym.  Typically I wait till after the gym to take my photo, but J was going to work early so  I suffered with a pre-gym photo…the lengths that I’m willing to go to for the publics viewing pleasure!!!

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Baby Jumbo???

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Throughout this pregnancy we have used two main nicknames for our baby.  Since you are reading this blog, I’m certain you are familiar with “Baby OJ”, but at home the primary term of endearment that we use is “Baby Pumpkin Seed”, don’t ask why, it is just what we’ve always called him/her.  Anyway, this week we had our 30 week appointment and the doctor noted that I’m “measuring a little big”.  Basically, for each week of pregnancy the size of the uterus usually corresponds in measured centimeters (isn’t that amazing).  For example at 30 weeks pregnant the doctor expects my uterus to be 30 centimeter long.  Doctors know this isn’t an exact science so anything within 2 centimeters is deemed normal.  I measured 33 centimeters so I was outside of the “normal” range and won myself a free ticket to the ultrasound room.  The ultrasound tech measured Baby OJ to be 4lbs and 2ozs.  This is about 1 lb more than expected.  Due to an error that they tech made measuring the kidneys the doc requested that we come back the next day for a second ultrasound with a specialist.  Everything looks great.  In fact that doc kept saying that everything was “gorgeous” including Baby OJ’s 4 chambers of the heart and the valves.  She even showed us that Baby OJ already has a head full of hair.  Based on the specialist measurements Baby OJ weighs 4 1/2 lbs.  If you extrapolate this weight out Baby OJ will weigh 10lbs at birth!  J has really taken to the idea that we are going to have a large baby and is now primarily calling it “Jumbo”, I’ve decided to call it “The Great Pumpkin”.  I’m convinced that Baby OJ just went through a growth spurt (probably caused by all of the sun we got in the Caribbean) and will be a normal size baby at birth.  That being said the doc wants to keep monitoring Baby OJ’s growth to make sure Baby OJ isn’t “too big”.  In the meantime I’m trying not to use any of the monikers that refer to the Baby OJ as big just in case it is a girl, I’d hate for her to have a complex about her weight before she is even born.

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One Last Hurrah!

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Sorry it been so long since we last posted, J and I have been out of pocket for a few days.  J being the awesome husband that he is, indulged me on my request for a “Babymoon”.  After lots of internet searching we decided on a short trip to St. Thomas.  For those of you who are as unknowledgeable as I was, St. Thomas is part of the US Virgin Islands.  This means it is a US territory (no passport needed).  Pretty much everything is the same (money, language, etc.), except they drive on the other side of the road.  Anyway, we had a fantastic time soaking up the sun and enjoying our last bits of time as a two person family. 

Magen's Bay

This picture will have to serve as a preview for the upcoming belly shots.

 Belly Shot

J dug a hole so that I could lay on my stomach and get some sun on my back.

J diggingSt. Thomas 046 

Family photo – this one is taken far enough away that can’t see all of my mushy parts.

J & 0 - St. John

J doing his best pirate impression!

 J as a Pirate

Here we are riding in a local taxi (bed of a truck)

  St. Thomas 118

Amazingly enough we took this one of ourselves, J is an expert at setting up the camera on a table or ledge and then setting the timer. 

St. Thomas 131

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Sneak Peak

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As predicted this weekend was exhausting for everyone involved.  I contend that my mother has more energy than anyone and she seems that she thinks the same thing about me.  We manage to push each other to work ourselves to the bone.  Here is a summary of the things we accomplished this weekend.  We shopped until we dropped on Friday which included 3 hours at Ikea, purchasing a mattress for the crib, going to Lenox and Phipps. On Saturday we went to a shower put on by some family friends to celebrate the induction of the new grandmas.  The company, weather and food were fantastic, especially the coconut cake!!  Baby OJ is already spoiled with love and hasn’t even arrived yet.  Following the shower we met up with J and continued hunting for a rug, baskets, fabric and other items needed to finish the room.  Around 6 PM we retuned to the house and started working on our crafting projects.  We created a memory board and started working on a light fixture.  On Sunday morning we finished the light fixture before going to brunch at Rosebud (if you are looking for a fantastic meal, you need not look any farther).  With our bellies full we returned home to make two window treatments and cut fabric for basket liners.  My mom was determined to finish the window treatments before leaving town.  She accomplished her goal with a half hour to spare and used her last minutes in town to repair two pairs of J’s pants and put a new waist band on mine.  Seriously, there isn’t anything she can’t do!!!  I know after reading about all we accomplished you are probably anxious to see the final pictures, and trust me we are anxious to share the final results but we aren’t quite ready to do the big reveal of Baby OJ’s room yet.  We are so proud of the work we accomplished this weekend we can’t help but share a “sneak peak”.

2010 0192010 020

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Things I’m Thankful for….

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As I approach the end of my 6th month (28 weeks & 3 days) it has occurred to me that there are a variety of things that I’m very thankful for.  Here for your reading pleasure is a list….

  • No back pain!  After having two back surgeries, I was really fearing that my sciatic nerve pain would make pregnancy unbearable.  I’m happy to report my regular trips to the gym and yoga have kept the sciatic nerve pain at bay and I’ve been virtually pain free.
  • That my feet haven’t swollen up yet.  This means my high heels still fit so instead of waddling around the office I can teeter around.
  • My wedding ring still fits.  Not being able to wear my ring was a big pre-pregnancy worry of mine.
  • Wonderfully supportive family and friends that are always telling me that I look great.  This is a major boost to my self esteem when I’m feeling especially rotund.
  • No heartburn!  Need I say more?
  • My dear sweet husband that has attended every single one of the doctors appointments.  He always arrives on time and with enough money to pay for my parking.  During the appointments he holds my hand when I get my blood drawn and attentively listens to the baby’s heartbeat.  Afterwards we usually grab a quick lunch together which is always my favorite part(and his!!).
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a nice relaxing weekend

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This is the first weekend in a while that O and I have had no projects and no set agenda.  I must say that we have been working like rented mules as of late.  Friday night O and I enjoyed a nice date night at Johnny’s Pizza and then went home to enjoy a movie on pay-per-view.  We settled on The Hurt Locker.  There are some people who are hung up on the factual inaccuracies in the movie, but what they have to remember is the movie is a FICTIONAL account of a war junkie.  It was a good movie that we both enjoyed watching.  Saturday was spent looking for baby products, specifically cloth diapers since we have decided to go that route.  It’s actually interesting that there are almost no places that you can go to have a hands on inspection of the varying products.  You basically you have to buy sight unseen from the internet.  I’m sure this is a story for a different blog.  The evening was spent with friends eating dinner at a favorite haunt (TDS) for some tacos and another movie at the theatre.  This time we enjoyed the Oscar worthy performance of Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart.  I personally believe that his best role was as “The Dude” in the The Big Lebowski, but this was certainly another great performance.  We are just trying to enjoy the time that we get to spend together (just the two of us) before baby arrives and also have a nice breather after so many projects.  We are anticipating gearing up for a jam-packed weekend when the O’s mother comes in town. We anxiously await the arrival of the “Little General”, like mother like daughter.

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Belly Shots – Round 3

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23 Weeks 24 Weeks 27 Weeks

These pictures are from weeks 23, 24 & 27.  Between work, traveling out of town, going to see Muse, cleaning house, throwing an Engagement Party at our house, a trip to the dump, painting, and a million other tasks (O is a task master), we missed a couple weeks of pictures.  Hopefully, now that we’ve gotten some of the big tasks checked off the list we can get back to fun of watching Baby OJ grow. 

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