Little E in The Big Easy – Part II

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On our second day in New Orleans, while the “big kids” (J, my sisters & Papa) when on a swamp boat tour, Grandma, O and E went to the Children’s Museum of Louisiana.  This children’s museum was equally as hands on and fun at the one we went to in September in Atlanta. 

IMG_3292 First stop the “Creole Cottage”, were E whipped up a delicious batch of crab and crawfish stew for us.

IMG_3293 IMG_3294

Next stop a scale Winn Dixie.  E filled up his cart with all of the oranges.

 IMG_3295 IMG_3296

IMG_3297 IMG_3304

Time for an eye exam. 


Last but not least, a scale restaurant, this was E’s favorite spot, we had to keep coming back to this spot so E could serve us coffee, treats, and get glasses of water to drink.

IMG_3305 IMG_3306

IMG_3307 IMG_3308

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Little E in the Big Easy

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Recently we headed down to New Orleans and O’s family from California met us there for a city exploring adventure.  He was a trooper through it all, he road in a street car, napped in his stroller, in arms, and while being carried in the Ergo. 

Street car ride to the Garden District.

IMG_3255 IMG_3256 

Walking through a cemetery.

IMG_3258 IMG_3259 

Beads still in the trees along the parade route.   

IMG_3264  IMG_3266 

Papa and Grandma happily walking down St. Charles.


E napping, since he was so comfortably napping we walked all the way back to the French Quarter….”just a couple more blocks”…..all of our legs were killing us by the end of this little “stroll”.


After that walk, we definitely earned the Beignets that we ate at Cafe Du Monde.  We ate them without an ounce of guilt.  I love the powdered sugar we each wore wear as a badge of honor after we were done.  




Pinky out.


Father and Son on Bourbon Street.     


Stay tuned for pictures from Day Two and more details on our trip.

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E goes to Bean Town

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Back at the end of September E and I went our first adventure without Daddy.  We flew all the way to Boston to visit a good friend of mine from high school, her husband, and two sweat girls.  My only goal for the weekend was go hang-out and catch-up.  It is a good thing that those were my only goals because E game down with a high fever on Saturday afternoon and was feeling puny for the rest of the trip so we were pretty much home bound for most of the weekend. 

Here are a couple pictures from the two small adventures we took over the weekend.  The first is of Ethan while we were at the Fall Festival at their local church.  E really enjoyed the air jump.    IMG_3218

A trip to Jordan’s, which is a furniture shop that has an Imax Theater, water light show, Fudrucker’s and a Trapeze among other entertaining items.  The little ones love riding in the Taxi stroller.

 IMG_3221 IMG_3222

E watching the “big girls” make birthday cards for their mom.  I love watching E act like a big kid.  He watched them so intently.IMG_3224

Proof that we visited.

IMG_3225 E going crazy in the airport.  I guess the medicine finally kicked in and he was feeling a little better before we got on the plane back to Atlanta.  This was a later flight so PJ’s were appropriate for a 16 month old, but if you look carefully you will see he is wearing the same outfit for all but one picture.  That is because I left him in his jammies for the entire day of Sunday.  After being up with him all night, I didn’t feeling like changing his clothes.

IMG_3226 IMG_3227

IMG_3228 IMG_3229

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Dancing with The Stars

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Okay, we are not stars, but for 30 minutes we felt like we were.…One of the highlights of the family vacation to NYC was our dance lesson.  J and I had a great time.  While J tended to E, I danced with the instructor.  It looks like we know what we are doing!!!

Dance_Lessons3Dance_Lessons4 Dance_Lessons5 Dance_Lessons9  Dance_Lessons-Group_Pic

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The Big Apple

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In honor of Pop and Tiki’s 25 wedding anniversary we took a family trip to New York City.  E loved the fact that he didn’t have to ride in a car seat.  Here E and I are with Tiki and Pop on the drive from the airport to Time Square.

IMG_1546 I think he was very impressed with the view from our 26th floor room, he spent a lot of time standing and looking out the window. 


When he got tired of sight-seeing he comfortably slept in his umbrella stroller.  This $15 stroller was worth its weight in gold.IMG_1556

While E was comfortably resting all of the big kids went to see Mary Poppins.  It was the highlight of the trip for everyone, even J was singing songs from the musical all weekend long. 

 IMG_1568 IMG_1572

Day Two….more sight seeing and modes of transportation.


First stop Wall Street… and E is already taking a nap.


Next stop….that High Line Park, an elevated train track that has been converted into a park, it was a great spot to relax and get some unique views of the city.

 IMG_1598 IMG_1599

  IMG_1603 IMG_1607 

Then we walked to SoHo to meet the rest of the gang for lunch at Lombardi’s followed by a dance lesson at a studio owned by two of the instructors on Dancing With The Stars.  It is too bad that there aren’t any pictures of J and I dancing…you will just have to imagine that we were just like Fred and Ginger.

IMG_1616 IMG_1617

 IMG_1618 IMG_1619

This couldn’t have worked out any better if we tried….we ran into our next door neighbors in the middle of Time Square.  We knew that all six of us were going to be in New York at the same time, but we did not plan to meet up….no text messages, no phone calls.  We were just walking west and they were going south and we practically walked right into each other.  Had we been any earlier or later we wouldn’t have seen them.  Too bad E was asleep for this event.


Obligatory night-time Time Square pictures.

  IMG_1631 IMG_1632

The dryness of the air caused a lot of E’s curls to fall out, so I took it to the next level and flat ironed it.  I wasn’t completely successful because it is difficult to get an 11 month old to sit still.  Based on the outcome of the flat ironing, I’m afraid that E, might have his Grandpa Sid’s Otter Hair. 

IMG_1633 IMG_1634

The 3 of us had a fantastic time on the trip.  We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with our family making such wonderful memories.

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Trip to Savannah

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Last weekend we made the trek so Savannah for a wedding.  Despite spending 2 gorgeous days exploring and taking in the sights I have no pictures of Savannah to share.  I do have a few great shots of our little traveler.  The first few are of E testing out our hotel room.  He loved standing in front of the fan and feeling the breeze blow through his hair.  Per usual the remote control was a favorite toy, and this one daddy wasn’t nearly as concerned about E drooling on.  Also he loved pulling on and eating the toilet paper.  All three items seemed to meet his exacting standards. 

 IMG_0661 IMG_0666

 IMG_0687 IMG_0688

As for the sights of Savannah, E didn’t find the beautiful parks, trees and buildings nearly as interesting as we did.  He did enjoy riding in his stroller and struggling to get his own foot in mouth.  Flexibility isn’t his strong suit, so I was very impressed with this feat.

IMG_0671 IMG_0672

The wedding was wonderful….and wet!  After the outdoor ceremony in a torrential downpour we went to the reception site….which was also outdoors.  Luckily that had an indoor space available to us to use while we ate and just as everyone was finishing their meals the weather cleared up and we all went outside to dance and celebrate the wedding.



 IMG_0678 IMG_0682

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Christmas – Part II

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The time we spent in Santa Rosa was very laid back and relaxed.  Lots of hanging out with family and eating.  My sister S and her husband K weren’t able to come to Tahoe, so we really enjoyed getting to see them while we were home.  As you can see E loves his Aunt and Uncle.


One of the places that J and I love to go when we are at my family’s house is to the grocery store, but not just any grocery store…..we specifically like to go to G & G.  My mom shops there because they have a great seafood department.  When crab is in season they have the best prices, but J and I like to go for the Chinese food.  Yes, you read it correctly…Chinese food.  G & G (Gong & Gong) is owned by a Chinese family and where your average grocery store has a deli, G & G has some of the most delicious Chinese take-out around.  We went on Thursday morning at 10 AM and but that didn’t stop us from stopping by the counter and trying to get one of their giant eggrolls (our stomachs were still on EST).  No surprise, they weren’t ready yet.  They told us to come back in 30 minutes, 30 minutes later they told us 10 minutes, 10 minutes later, they told us 7 minutes. At that point we just waited at the counter until we had in our possession 3 piping hot yummy egg rolls.  As you can see all of the waiting wore E out. 


The weather was wet and rainy the entire time we were in Santa Rosa, check out J’s shoes.  It was so muddy, it wasn’t worth putting shoes on anything but rain boots.  E didn’t mind at all, he loved being carried around the yard so he could see the 5 dogs, 2 goats, 2 horses, chickens, rabbits and ducks.


Besides the Christmas festivities, the highlight of our visit home was getting to see KP and Simon.  KP was my roommate while attending Carolina (UNC – Chapel Hill).  She is a Saint in my book because she managed to share a 12 x 12 room with me for two years.  The first year was assigned by school, but the second year was by choice!  A year following graduation she moved to Australia and ended up perusing a doctorate degree….and meeting Simon!  Despite living on the opposite sides of the world, we have managed to see each other 4 times in the last 5 years.  Our last visit was in Boston in the Summer of 2009.  We spent a weekend doing the historic walk around town and drinking Samuel Adams.  What I love about my friendship with KP is that no matter how much time or space passes, when we meet up, we pick up like no time has passed at all.


The rest of the week was spent hanging out with the family.  Here are some random tid-bits… forwarned some of the pictures are very random. 

E and his Aunt R.

Per usual E isn’t afraid to rock a crazy hat.

Yes, it is a hat, his hair isn’t that wild (yet).


Up close shot of Aunt R’s eraser collection.  Yes, these are erasers!!


E hanging out with me and his grandma.

IMG_4972 IMG_4975

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Christmas- Part I

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For Christmas we headed out to California to visit the Northern California portion of my family.  Our trip had two distinct phases.  The first part we were staying in a cabin in Tahoe and the second half of the trip we were in Santa Rosa at my mom’s house for the actual Christmas Holiday portion.  Getting to Tahoe was an adventure, there wasn’t a reasonably priced direct price to the Reno airport from Atlanta, so we had a layover in LA. Get a map out if you’d like to really get a visual on how indirect this route is. 

Here is E after we stripped down to go through security. Here is a side note for other mommy travelers.  The past two times that I’ve flown with E I’ve “worn” him through the security screening area in my Urgo carrier.  Due to the recent increases in screening, on this trip they made me take my Urgo off and put it through the x-ray machine at every airport we went through.  It was a real annoyance and if I would have been nearly impossible if I would have been traveling alone.IMG_4910

One traveling “truth” that J and I have discovered is that if we have a layover, then at least one leg of our journey will have a major delay.  Therefore it was certain that with a layover in LAX, we would have a delayed flight.  True to form, our flight to Reno from LA was delayed by 2 hours.  Our 4 hour stay at LAX included a scenic walk around the airport, a long wait in the waiting area, a gate change, and then finally a bus out to the middle of nowhere where we got of the bus in the pouring rain and then boarded a very small plane in the “satellite” departure area.  E was a good little traveler and despite the long day of flying and traveling, he was trooper.IMG_4911

Upon arrival in Reno we stayed in a Hyatt Place hotel located next to the Reno Airport.  J and I were both very pleased with the room, breakfast, and customer service.  We didn’t get to our room till close to 2am PST (5am EST), so we took it easy the next morning.  Sleeping in and taking naps until we caught a shuttle to Tahoe.  The shuttle was basically a short bus (it wasn’t yellow), but children were allowed to ride in your lap.  E was thrilled to be in a “car” and not be in a car seat.

IMG_4914 IMG_4916

Our first full day in Tahoe we went skiing, E stayed back at the cabin with his Granma and Papa.  Turns out it wasn’t the greatest day for me to ski for the first time.  There were 60 mph winds and freezing rain.  The rain felt like pin pricks on my face and the wind was so strong it actually blew me over.  While J was skiing I took a first timers lesson.  The adult lesson area was closed so they had us in with the little kids and boy were they ruthless.  Pushing me aside and cutting me off as we jockeyed to ride the magic carpet.  I was happy went the kids instructor said the weather was too bad for them and called all of the kids inside.  I had a great time despite the bad weather and now I’m looking forward to skiing again but hopefully in better weather.  J’s day of skiing wasn’t that great either because they closed all of the lifts, but the weather was gorgeous the following day and he got an awesome day of skiing in.

IMG_4917 IMG_4918

While J was skiing on the second day, I stayed back at the house and hung-out with the rest of the “kids”.  I even took E outside for a little snow time.  Here is my sister, along with Taylor (in her arms), T3 and E.  Taylor was born the day before E and we are certain they are going to be best buddies.


O, J & E


Here is the cabin full of folks that were with us.


The highlight of the trip was the 6 hours we were without power.  It forced everyone to hang-out and talk and chat for a few hours (no TV or computers).  The only problem is that the house didn’t have a gas stove so we were all starved.  Immediately after the power came back on, a line for the microwave formed to reheat left overs.  After 3 days in Tahoe we all packed up our stuff and made the 4 1/2 trek to Santa Rosa for the rest of our Christmas break….Part II will be coming shortly. 


 IMG_4929  IMG_4933

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Puerto Rico

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If you could see me now you would laugh, because I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop to the right of me and a keyboard that I barrowed from work on my lap.  Despite the funny set-up, I’m thankful because I can type!!!  I’ve had this blog created for at least a week with all of the pictures in order and ready to go, but I was totally unable to type any descriptions.  I’m so glad that I can finally share a couple stories and a few pictures of our precious little boy.


We went to Puerto Rico a couple weeks ago for the wedding of two of our friends.  It was so nice to be there for such a beautiful wedding and to enjoy some nice warm weather before winter really sets in.  E’s favorite part was swimming in the pool.  Doesn’t he look so cute in his swim trunks, shirt & hat?  I think he looks like he is ready to go hiking through the desert with that hat on. 

 11.01.2010 028

11.01.2010 045 11.01.2010 048 11.01.2010 046

I like to call this picture 3 men and a baby.  This is a picture of E, J and two of J’s buddies from college.  We were surprised to learn that all of J’s friends have nick-named E “Harry” which we have found to be quite fitting and have even adopted it ourselves. 

11.01.2010 047

This was the view from our room, isn’t it gorgeous?

11.01.2010 02511.01.2010 057

Here is E having a bit of star fruit.

11.01.2010 050

E eating carrots with daddy.

11.01.2010 06011.01.2010 054

Our sleep little angle napping on the couch in our room.

11.01.2010 068

J and I before going to the wedding.  The dress I’m wearing, I wore the night before our wedding a 1 1/2 earlier.  Not bad, actually I was pretty proud of myself that I was able to fit into the dress again.  Of course that feeling was ruined today when a lady in the elevator at work asked if was pregnant.

 11.01.2010 064

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The last couple weeks have been hectic.  First we had O’s baby sister in town visiting for a week. 

This first picture is from when we picked Rachel up at the airport.  J isn’t just wearing a huge fanny pack, E is snuggled inside of there, if you look carefully you can see E’s foot and arm. 

07.01.2010 (14)

Rachel, looks awfully bright-eyed and bushy-tailed especially since she had been awake since 2:00 AM.  Rachel is my youngest sister, she is 13 and just finally passed me up in height.  I’m officially the shortest of all of my siblings.

  07.01.2010 (15)07.01.2010 (16)

Having Rachel in town was so awesome, she was so helpful, E definitely bonded with her, if he was fussy, she was just at good at getting him calmed down as I am.  It was so fun to see her with him, I think you can tell how much he liked her by the look he is giving her.

07.01.2010 (19) 07.01.2010 (25)

I found this hilarious.  Rachel likes to get nice and close to the mirror while doing her make-up.  She is lying on the ground underneath the swing to get close to the mirror while E is swinging.

07.01.2010 (21)

Then O, Rachel and E traveled to California to visit family for 9 days.  Here is O at the airport.  E was a dream on the flight.  He slept most of the flight and didn’t appear to having any problems with his ears.

07.01.2010 (27)

The best part about being home was the opportunity for O’s family to meet E.  Here is E is his “Old Papa”  and “Old Granma” (his great-grandpa and great-grandma)

07.01.2010 (28) 07.01.2010 (79)

The main reason we were in California was for my sister Stephanie’s wedding.  O & E helped all week long with the last minute preparations and as soon as J got into town he immediately got put to work.  The rehearsal was a special BBQ theme picked out just for Karl (the groom).  The rehearsal dinner took place in my parents barn, we are all so proud how perfectly the event turned out.

07.01.2010 (40) 07.01.2010 (46)

07.01.2010 (55)07.01.2010 (38)

07.01.2010 (65) 07.01.2010 (74)

The newlyweds!

07.01.2010 (88)

E wore a onesie with a an iron on tie and a pair of khaki pants from the Gap, doesn’t he look cute!

07.01.2010 (85)  07.01.2010 (90)

  07.01.2010 (81)

Our first Mother-son dance.

07.01.2010 (100) 

Here is E  with Thomas, my friend from high-school, my mom has unofficially adopted Thomas as her son, so this is E with is Uncle.  Note that E is wearing a tie-dyed top (so California).

07.01.2010 (34)

This sweet baby girl is Taylor, she is Thomas’s and she was born on the 28th, 9 hours end 31 minutes before E.  When Taylor and E met for the first time she stared an him and he played coy and looked away.  It was so cute.  I can’t wait to watch the two of them play together.

 07.01.2010 (35)

The trip wasn’t all fun and no play…here is O riding T3’s (Thomas’s son) tractor.  E will get to drive this tractor all over next summer.  This trip he had to settle for a ride on the big tractor with mommy, sorry…no pictures of that ride.

07.01.2010 (113) 07.01.2010 (110)

J showing off some of his bicycle skills.

07.01.2010 (112)

E all bundled up.  This was a big change for him, he almost never wears more than a onesie here in Atlanta, but he got to wear long sleeves, pants, socks and a hoodies while we were in California.  It would reach 85 in the afternoon, but it would be as cool as 55 in the morning and evening so we had to go out and buy some warm clothing for him.

 07.01.2010 (104)

O’s two favorite men sleeping on the flight back home. 

07.01.2010 (124)

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