Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday E! We can’t imagine our life without you.

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15 Months

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J and I feel like we have been going through life with our hair on fire.  I really think this is the only time I’ve sat down and taken a rest over the last month.  Even when I’m “resting” I’m blogging, I’m not convinced that it really counts toward rest.  Anyway, on to the main event…our little guy.  This picture was taken in the calm before the storm, just after his bath on Monday night.  On Tuesday his bottom, thighs and feet were covered in a rash/blisters.  He had “Hand, Foot & Mouth”….not to be confused with “Hoof & Mouth” or “Mad Cow Disease”.  After a few days of pain, E seems to be feeling much better.  On Wednesday we had his 15 month appointment.  He weighs 25 pounds and at 30 1/2 inches tall, he is already half of my height! 

In other news, E is picking up lots of new words and sounds.  He growls like a lion, barks like a dog, meows and oinks.  He knows the signs for Daddy, dog, please, more, all done, milk & hat.  As for spoken words there has been many added since last month.  He says shoe, all done, more, dada & mama.  One of big surprises this month was when I asked him to go get his shoes and he walked from his room to the kitchen picked up his shoes and brought them to me.  Some of E’s favorite things to do are to cook by “stirring” in bowls, playing hide and seek, and coloring.  Everyday we are surprised by how much he is changing and going from being a baby to a little boy.

IMG_3007IMG_3014 IMG_3012 IMG_3011

My Boys…aren’t they handsome.


Bartending?? Or Lost in Desert???


Dishwasher Basket Racing

IMG_3001 IMG_3000

Showing Off


IMG_2997IMG_2993 IMG_2992

Showing off his artistic skills.


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Action Packed Weekend

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My family was in town from California this weekend.  It was a busy few days food, full of fun and firsts.  They got  into town late on Wednesday night so the real fun didn’t start until Thursday afternoon when my sister R and step-dad L, hung-out with me and E for the afternoon. 

Here are E and L, during there first few moments getting reacquainted.


First stop….food, the 4 of us went to Yeah! Burger in the Highlands. E and I spilt a hot dog and a beat and goat cheese salad.  You read it right, E likes beats and goat cheese.

IMG_1249 IMG_1250

With a full belly E was ready to ride around in his stroller.


For dinner we went to Antico….it was crazy good .  E enjoyed the pizza.  R hid from the camera, and J and I happily posed for a self portrait.

     IMG_1260 IMG_1261 IMG_1262

Friday, mom and I spent the day at a knitting convention learning new techniques and how to fix mistakes, sadly I don’t have any pictures of us knitting…I know you are disappointed.  Just in case you are curious, no I wasn’t the youngest person at the knitting convention.


On Saturday morning after a trip to the Thumbs Up dinner we went to our neighborhood Easter Party.  The park was full of kids, but without any effort E found his best buddy J and the two boys proceeded to monopolize the the slid.

 IMG_1263 IMG_1264   IMG_1267

We don’t have pictures to prove it, but Saturday turned out to be full of first for E, he got his first band-aid and his first bloody nose.  He cut his finger while he was at breakfast, it didn’t bother him one bit, but it bled like crazy.  Later in the afternoon he was standing and then lost his balance fell forward and hit his nose, and much to my surprise had a bloody nose.  Poor guy!


Before E’s Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt left town we took a couple pictures. 

Here is his as Grandma rocks him to sleep.


O and Aunt R, it is hard to believe she is my baby-sister.  I remember holding her when she was E’s size.


Family picture, E isn’t in it because he is taking the picture….just kidding, he was taking a nap.


Sunday night we had J’s parents, M & M over for dinner.

Got to love E’s spaghetti covered face.


The boys playing after dinner.


J with both boys!


E definitely looks ups to Little J,he is always trying to play with whatever J is playing with.


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Blogging Update…..

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I haven’t abandoned this blog, or doing regular updates.  My computer is currently broken.  To be more descriptive the “T”, “F”, “C” & “R” keys no longer work on my laptop.  You might think…4 broken keys, no big deal!  Then try typing and you will see how important those four keys are.  I’m hoping cyber-Monday will treat me well and that I’ll have a new computer soon.

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Swamp Gravy

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This weekend we made our longest road-trip to date with E and drove 3 1/2 hours south to Colquitt, Georgia.  Earlier this year, while I was still pregnant we went down to Colquitt with our friends John & Tara to attend a wedding shower.  While at the shower all of the ladies from own told me I had to come back for the towns big play “Swamp Gravy”.  With built in babysitters (John’s Parents) while we are there, it was easy to say yes.

E doesn’t enjoy sitting in his car seat for more than 15 minutes so made the trek down there undercover of night.  Driving after E’s bedtime made for a long day for us, but much easier E.

10.01.2010 048 E woke up bright and early so he and J went outside to enjoy the sights of the Fudge Farm.  I love the big trees with Spanish Moss.

10.01.2010 05110.01.2010 052

During an afternoon walk with Tara, J picked some cotton!  The white field behind J and Tara is a cotton field.  To a California girl you can’t get much more “Southern” than a cotton field.

10.01.2010 056 10.01.2010 057  

While Tara, E, Miss Mary & I went shopping in downtown Colquitt, J and John donned their camouflage and went target shooting. 

10.01.2010 071

For E the best part of the trip was his room.  The murals in this room are amazing.  I accidentally deleted the picture that shows the giraffe that is painted by the crib.  E really enjoyed both of the rocking horses.  He is hoping to go back when he is bigger so he can really ride the big rocking horse.

10.01.2010 075 10.01.2010 08210.01.2010 078

While we were at Swamp Gravy E stayed with John’s parents (James & Mary).  You can see how happy he is with James.  I think the overalls were appropriate attire for the farm.

10.01.2010 059

This years Swamp Gravy is about the different murals that are painted throughout the town.  The murals are amazing, the next time I go back I’ll make sure I get pictures of all of them.  Currently they are painting two huge silos.  If you look carefully you can see a basket near the brim of the hat, that is the artist working on the painting.

10.01.2010 06510.01.2010 06110.01.2010 070

Here J and I are before going to the show at Cotton Hall.  The show was awesome, if anyone is looking for something fun to do in March or October, I highly recommend making the trek down to Colquitt to see Swamp Gravy.

10.01.2010 079

 10.01.2010 081

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It’s Just a Style

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The other evening we were inspired by E’s hair and the difference it makes in his look when it is styled in different ways.  For comparison’s sake, the first picture is an example of how his hair normally looks.  Not styled or combed.  As you can see his hair has continued to grow and to date very little has fallen out.  I think if he was a girl I would put more effort into his hair.  Maybe put on a bow or headband, but since he is a boy, we basically don’t do anything but wash it, and then let it go. 

09.01.2010 011

Bangs make him look a lot older and more brooding.

09.01.2010 012

The Pat Riley.

09.01.2010 014 

This is the Rick James jerry curl.  As it dries it starts to look more like a Wisconsin Waterfall.

09.01.2010 016

The Clark Kent.

 09.01.2010 017

The Butt Cut

09.01.2010 018

‘Bama Bangs

 09.01.2010 019

Otter Hair

 09.01.2010 020

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First day of School

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E started “school” yesterday.  I know he is only 12 weeks old, but since his 3 caretakers all have degrees in education or child development they are more like teachers, therefore his daycare is more like a school.  His first day of school was also the first day that the school was open.  There is something nice about being at a squeaky clean, brand new facility.  All of the staff and teachers are so eager and excited about the new school and are working hard to make everyone’s experience perfect.


Here we are with E before going to school

08.01.2010 019 08.01.2010 021


For his first day he only went for 4 hours (that is all that mommy could take).  During the time he was there, I pumped (fun!) and went shopping to buy 2 pairs of pants to wear until I fit back into my old clothes.  I’m only 5 pounds and 1clothing size away from my pre-baby figure.  E did great.  Just as laid back as always.  His teachers said he enjoyed story time and took a couple short naps.  He must have had a good time because when we got home he slept for 4 hours.  Actually, I think the long nap was more due to the fact that he didn’t take his normal long morning nap at school.  This is my fault I’ve gotten him used to taking naps in my arms so he isn’t used to napping in a crib.


For day two he went to school from 9 to 3.  While he was hanging out and getting to know some of his new classmates (Lily, Oliver and Addison), J and I went on a “date” to celebrate my last day of maternity leave.  We went to breakfast at Ria’s Blue Bird, where I had the best pancakes ever.  After breakfast we went to the Your DeKalb Farmer’s Market (YDFM).  Going to the YDFM has been on my “to-do” list ever since I moved to Atlanta in 2002.  For some reason I’ve never been, but J said we could do what ever I wanted.  So we went there, neither of us really new what to expect.  It was awesome, the best selection of fresh meats, fish, fruits & veggies.  Most things there are at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent items at our neighborhood super market.


08.01.2010 009

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I’m not to the “get this baby out of me point”….but I am getting curious.  Curious about what our little one is going to look like. Curious about if it is a girl or a boy?  I’m guessing y’all are just as curious as we are so today I dug up some baby pictures of J and I.  The thing that I find most interesting is how similar we look as babies.  The main way I can tell us apart is our mouths.  Even as an infant J had his down turned mouth.  Based on these photos, I’m fairly certain that Baby OJ is going to have a head full of brown hair and brown eyes, and I’m positive it is going to be just as cute as it can be.

Baby OBaby J

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38 Weeks…The Home Stretch

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With two weeks left until Baby OJ’s due date we are in the homestretch.  There is so little time remaining, we are trying to make the most of each day.  This Saturday we spent the early morning doing small projects around the house, and then attended our neighborhood social during the late afternoon.  In the two years that we have lived at our house we have never been in town for a community event, so both of us were really excited to attend and meet some of our neighbors.  The social was time well spent, it turns out that there are 3 women living in our neighborhood that are due in the month of June.  On top of all of the new additions to the neighborhood there are also numerous young children.  Attending the social reiterated how strongly we feel about our neighborhood.  It is so wonderful to live in town, in a neighborhood with active play groups for children of all age levels, and a great school district.


We spent Sunday cooking up a storm.  After going to Costco and the grocery store, we made huge batches of pasta sauce, chicken and rice casserole, Mexican lasagna, and pulled pork.  Our basement freezer is finally starting to look utilized.  Both of us were surprised how quickly the cooking went and we know that once Baby OJ arrives we will be so thankful to have some easy to prepare meals.


Being that we are in the final weeks, we are starting to get lots of “how is O doing?” questions.  Overall she is still doing great.  A little bit more tired than she was before, so she is trying to take it easy and give herself some extra rest, but over all she is still my little energizer bunny.  We have noticed that her feet have started to swell more.  So for your entertainment we have included some pictures of her fat little feet.  The first picture was taken after work at about 6:30 PM, the second photo was taken around 9:30 PM, after we had taken a walk and she had rested with her feet up for an hour or so.  Cousin Jill….I’m sure you are loving these pictures!!


Fat Feet Regular Feet

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Belly Shots

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These pictures are from weeks 34, 35, & 36.  The front shot is a “bonus” picture because we figured you might be curious about how the belly looks head-on.  O was convinced that sooner or later her belly would stop growing straight-out and would start growing a bit wider.  Unbelievably it still seems to be growing straight-out, it is amazing she is able to walk without tipping over.

Today we had our 36/37 week appointment.  This was the first of our weekly appointments.  Everything is continuing to go great.  Baby OJ is growing right on track, in fact all worries about Baby OJ being jumbo sized seem to be gone, as suspected Baby OJ just had an early growth spurt.  The window of opportunity to birth opens on Monday and closes on June 21st.  We are both starting to get very curious about the arrival date and whether we have a little boy or a little girl on the way.  It is strange to think that soon our baby will stop having a moniker and will start having a name.

34 Weeks A 35 Weeks A

36 Weeks A 36 Weeks B

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